Reload Pattern and MIDI CC

I just picked up a Digitakt yesterday. I got got it hooked up to my roland TB-3. I setup various MIDI CC commands to the TB-3 and like cutoff and resonance. Everything works fine and I can control my TB-3 using the Digitakt. I like to make use of the reload pattern function after mangling the pattern up. The problem I have is while the MIDI CC values are reset to what I saved the pattern with the TB-3 still uses the same cutoff and resonance. If I move the associated knob controlling that CC it goes back down to where it should. Is there a setting I have not found that will send the MIDI CC message again after reloading the pattern or perhaps a trick? I’m on version 1.07

Same issue behavior here when I want to hooked up my DT to Ableton. I also noticed the same behavior when I switch to another pattern. I am on 1.11. Do we know if this is a bug or a missing feature ?

Judging back the lack of response I doubt there will ever be a fix for this. Seriously considering selling my Digitakt now because it’s pretty much unusable if you want to perform live with external instruments while being able to send Midi CC to them and change patterns and have things fall back into line where you want them.

Does it not fall back in line when the next note is sent to the tb-3?


I think this should be considered a bug then.
It does resend them on pattern change I assume?

(I’m currently working on midi software for the raspberry pi that adds a lot of functions to the digitakt. If you are willing to wait a bit longer and use an external device in your setup, ill put this on the list of things to add. You would still need some sort of controller to trigger the reload, but I’m confident I can make this work. The software will be free.)

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Hi mate , I am Octatrack user but I had same issue. One way I found to go around the issue is to set a trigless trig in the beginning in the pattern and set an lfo with minimum amount of movement ( which wouldn’t be a bad think in my opinion) to any of the midi cc parameters that you have assigned in the cntrl menu, preferably something you dont use controlled live as it will fight with the lfo . This way everytime you reload a part it will send reset msgs to all parameters assigned to in the octatrack. I usually use trigless trigs for this type of functions, also to deactivate things like infinite appregios etc. Not sure if this works the same with digitakt but it is something you can give it a try. This way you lose one lfo automation on the midi channel but I see it as kind of live jam function activator.
Hope that helps :)))

Edit: I was in mistake thinking the LFO does something. Actually if you dont move the OT knobs it wont reload parts cc.
However I just came across a solution. You have to send midi from the TB-03 somehow back to the OT and turn off midi thru on the TB-03. this way everytime you move a knob on the TB-03 there will be a response to the OT as well and then parts reload works on the CC-s you tweaked on the TB-03

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Hello, someone found a solution ? it’s works for one value with a LFO but only for ONE value … not all the values sent to my synth (on ipad) :frowning:
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, i found a workaround, with a ipad app, mozaic, who send 1 LFO to the DEST in LFO page in digitakt. it run the lfo to the 8 values with a low depth value.
not perfect but it works :slight_smile: