Recording tracks separately without a DAW

Is there any way to record each track separately without a DAW?
Maybe with something like the 1010music BlueBox?

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What’s the reason for avoiding a DAW? That might help with recommendations.


It’s a very personal reason. I am a software developer and do not want to do computer stuff in my spare time :wink: I love to explore these hardware music devices more then starring at a big screen and fiddling with this mega software like Ableton too much etc.

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bluebox if you have need to mix multiple instruments, zoom f3 if you only need one stereo input
bluebox is gonna be a bit closer to pc vibe, f3 is just plug in and record.

if you want more choices, check out field recorder topic. any field recorder with inputs will do pretty much.

EDIT: i just realised you want to record tracks separately, my bad. then yes, bluebox is good for that. F3 wont do, but other field recorders can multitrack.

Without a DAW you can’t use Overbridge to multitrack record, so the only way that I can think of for you to record each track separately is one at a time into something like Bluebox or another field recorder that can do multitrack.

At this point i’d be asking myself if jumping through those hoops is really worth the extra hassle compared to being able to easily and readily do this in a DAW…


Yes , recording each track separately one by one would really be a hassle. Don’t want to do that.

Is there a recorder that supports recording via USB with Overbridge in between?
(But maybe, i do not completely understand the Overbridge technology)

cant install overbridge on a recorder, so pc will still be in the way.
class complient device will only see full mixdown, same as headphone out.

why do you want to record tracks separately? wouldnt that imply that you going to edit them on pc.

It’s called a computer.


Eg, doing the mixing after a Jam and maybe giving this to a professional mixing & mastering service.

i do it with a blackbox. its perfect. but i do it noe by one, not technically “live multi-tracking”

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Using a computer to connect devices via usb would be okai for me.

so you want to have multitrack recording of digitakt, okay with using pc, but dont want to use daw?

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In essance, yes :slight_smile:

well, you have to have some kind of software that will listen to overbridge, which is providing all tracks separately.

this is quite a headscratcher. :cheeky:

No, computer only.

I understand the appeal of going without a computer- ive been there, as have lots of others on here. But at some point you realise that it is pretty necessary, even essential- certainly for what you are trying to acheive here. Save yourself the hassle and headache (not to mention expense) of trying to come up with a computer-less workaround and instead embrace the idea of using a DAW for just this task. All you are trying to acheive is multitrack recording- with Overbridge in a DAW this is a quick and painless process that takes no time at all to set up, and definitley doesnt mean staring “at a big screen and fiddling with this mega software”. Let the computer do the stuff that the computer is good at, while you concentrate on enjoying your hardware.


Apologies if my last replied sounded a bit glib.

I am a bit puzzled by this whole computer-resistant movement.
I understand the idea of wanting to work in hardware sequencers for the spontaneity and organic feel, but it seems like when people extend that desire to keeping computers out of mixing and mastering stages it becomes willfuly obtuse.
It’s as though compromising the finished product is worth it order to preserve some badge of honour.

I’m not saying I’m right. I know nothing, and maybe a penny will drop with me and I’ll be on the bandwagon, but I’m scratching my head at this point.


i dont know the specific recording time specs off the top, but couldn’t you accomplish this with an Octatrack?

edit: but then i guess it would just be moving your tracks from one sampler to another w/ some added features.


Ah right. So it’s more sequencing in a daw you’re looking to escape.
Fair enough. I’m sure there’s plenty of mixing solutions out there for you.
In fact if you buy a multi input audio interface to hook your gear up to a ‘puter it’ll likely come with software precisely for that.

I tried it briefly with some DAWs (Logic, Bitwig), but none of then had an easy setup for mutitrack recording with Elektron Devices with a simple UI and good UX for beginners.

Which DAW would you recommend for my use case?

Could be many reasons. The distraction of email, update, new free vst, weather report, news feed, oops soundcard not recognised, update obsoleting valued gear. Out of the box avoids most of this.
Of course you could have a dedicated music only computer for this job, but anti virus, update etc…

On topic, Tracker can export per channel stems.

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