Recording Track 1 and its Cue: sounds different?

I have a kick on Track 1 that I’m also sending to CUE. I want to record the mix of both as a new sample.
The CUE goes to Microcosm and back to CD inputs.

When I record CD and T1 in a buffer, it sounds very different from what I hear when I just play it. In fact it sounds like it just records the CD inputs and not the track 1.

What am I missing?

Do you record manually ?
In that case you have to press REC2 and REC3 (REC CD and MIDI)

I used a record trig. :thinking: it might be that I selected T1 and CD in the menu but that the trig was pointing at CD only.
I’m on MKII, things are slightly different as we have inputs keys.

I wonder what’s the need for a double selection (in the menu AND from holding the trig)?

Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll check tomorrow!

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That way you can alternate sources in a sequence. I don’t use it, but thought about it for radios recordings…

My wish is a combo rec button.