Recording synths/machines with microphones


Holiday Greetings Squarewaves and Cowbells,

I was mesmerized by the “presence” of the wawawaw polysynth chords in this future bass banger:

Doesn’t it almost sound like they are coming out of a speaker and re-recorded in stereo? There’s just this interesting “upfrontness” which comes from a spatial effect and a EQ curve which pushes the lower mids forward.

I’m assuming this was all just good use of plugins and stuff, but doesn’t it sound like a “real” synth. There’s even the illusion sometimes of a VCA shutting off, it all just sounds so organic.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get this effect, and whether or not you think it can be achieved by amping and recapturing with a stereo mic, feel free to share!



That’s a pretty nice sound. I’m not sure how it was done, but I attempted something similar to what you’re talking about on this EP of mine from a while ago, by using a super lofi method of putting a mic up to the speaker and playing back the entire mix… then mixing that with the original. I think it gave the whole thing a bit of a “cloudy” sound which I guess you’re not really looking for here, but might be a good effect anyway!