Recording M:C Performance with Streamlabs OBS iPhone app...why is it crackling?

Since I cant get the iOS Transfer app to save a recording any length, I’ve been using the Streamlabs app with a CCK, recording audio and video via private Live event on my YouTube channel. I did it successfully once, but now I am getting god awful crackling presented bellow. i tried turning master volume down to no avail. anyone have experience with this?

Il not familiar with the app but is there a buffer setting within it? Increase the buffer if possible. The smaller the buffer the more processing power required. It could be the source of the crackling issue.


Yea what @d4ydream said. Also make sure not that many apps are open. Or give it a good reboot. Sometimes things get weird.

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Do you have an official Apple camera connector cable?

Cheap ones might be dodgier for high-bitrate streaming.

Also, of course the buffer as aforementioned.

Here are the settings. Audio is at the highest (48kh / 125kbps)

I’m using the official Apple cck and official Elektron micro usb

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Have you tried recording using the built in camera app? Not as immediate as streaming live but worth checking just to see if it’s the streaming that is a problem.

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Yes, it’s hard to understand what the expected baseline performance would be for that setup.

My otherwise fairly fast laptop records streams through Windows OBS poorly (even to SSD) and I haven’t had the energy to check for bottlenecks.

@richmisfortunes is there an optimal settings list for your model iPhone and the speed of its flash memory?