Recording Individual Outputs from Drum Machines


My current setup:
Zoom H6 with adapter to provide 6 mono inputs.

Tanzbar Lite

I have two small mixers: Bastl DUDE
The drum machines have individual outputs

I am looking to split up the drums from both machines into 4 groups using the DUDE’s then record them into 4 mono inputs on the H6.

How would you split the individual outputs (what would you record together) from two drum machines to make things easier at the mix down stage?

My initial plan is to split them into (rough) frequency ranges.
Both Kicks and both Toms to 4 inputs on DUDE 1.
Both Snares and both Claps to 4 inputs on DUDE 2.
Record the remaining sounds from each drum machine out of their respective master output and into the last 2 inputs on the H6.

I don’t plan to record both kicks at the same time as I don’t have any EQ on the way in, but I am trying to split up the sounds from source to have as little overlapping frequencies as possible.

I mostly make house and techno.

Any thoughts on the subject would be much appreciated.