Recommend me some decent AUv3 effects for iPad

well, subj. I already have enough synths and drums, it’s time for effects.

I need some decent effects for iPad music production, but I’m totally uneducated about them (in particular because I came from Linux world and don’t know much about win/mac stuff that has iOS counterparts), so would like some recommendations.

intention: dancefloor-oriented music (EBM, breakbeat, psy/goa trance).

thanks in advance.

Some of my favs

Reverbs - mangledverb, black hole, velvet machine and other desert cities

Space fields
BLEASS granular
Tape pro
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There are loads but that’s some I use the most

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FabFilter and Audio Damage are always excellent on Mac and iOS. AD’s EOS 2 reverb is based on Valhalla algorithms, for example.

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Tone Boosters

K-Devices (Shaper 2 + TTAP)


I don’t know if I can recommend it for practical use (I don’t know anything about anything practical, in any sphere) but Rymdigare does some interesting things in the reverb/noise/distortion space, and has a unique, whimsical interface. Most iOS effects I have purchased give me a UI that is, well, like all the others. This one is different.

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has anyone recreated MI Clouds as an effect for iOS?


i really enjoy this one.

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MiRack is a VCVRack port that is an AUV3, includes the audible instruments clones.