Recommend me second hand gears websites or forums

I am looking for a specific gear Soundcraft Ghost 24 but can’t find on the french market at the moment.
Can someone recommend me great places to purchase second hand gears more specific pour studio usage.

Any forums, FB groups, websites…

Thomann has a category for used gear but it´s not the most popular and it seems like it´s already filtered by country.

(you can browse the other countries simply by changing the language in the upper right corner).

For Germany is the most popular one but if you pay for the shipping I´m sure people would also sell to people from other countries within the EU.

And then there´s Behringer´s site but I don´t know if it´s any good.

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Found tons of great gears on the German eBay in the past, I wasn’t aware of those others places thanks !

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I agree, living in France I bought quite a lot of Elektron gear from the German ebay Kleinanzeigen website…

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Audiofanzine is a great place to find stuffs and talk about gears for french people but I use it to sell most of items and barely buy gears since they are mainly unavailable or not so often sold. Especially for studio tools, but great if you wanna buy main brands synths or effects.