Recommend me a small mixer : )


Hi guys,

I’m running out of inputs on my soundcard so am thinking about adding a small mixer to my setup, or maybe a patchbay (or maybe both)…

Any recommendations? I’m thinking 12 channels max (mainly mono but a couple of stereo), with aux sends, some kind of recording feature might be neat…

Just interested to see how you peeps are managing your hardware setups.

Thank you!!



Midas/Behringer colab which is still on my radar to get something analog to replace this Roland which is all digital (and insanely deep) - price drop recently, especially bigger brother which would suit me perfectly

There will be plenty of smaller/cheaper options and I am sure you’ll get loads of Mackie recommendations so this is astonishing value for the performance


Like the Mackie vlz 1204. Good selection of inputs, two aux returns, some clever routing. No recording though.


I had the ufx1204 once upon a time and agree it is a good alternative for having an all in one solution. The only issue I had with it were the 24-bit recordings. It was practically impossible to find usb sticks that were compatible…at least with the 100 usb sticks I tried - i guess it might work with a powered harddisk. Nonetheless direct recording to a DAW was flawless.


I found that i could only handle so many devices at a time, without getting lost - that i have decided to get a DJ mixer with 4x stereo Input.
For recording - i would stick to a audio interface. (I have a QuPac, which works as audio interface, and has on board recording.)


I have a Soundcraft EFX12 which I really like as a straight-down-the-line compact analogue mixer, but it doesn’t record. The sweepable mid band EQ is really useful. If you don’t need the built-in Lexicon FX processor (which is pretty decent), the EPM12 has an extra aux bus instead.


It would depend on your sound card, but if you have around 8 sound card inputs, then I recommend the Mackie 1202VLZ3 or 4


For the uses of expanding inputs to a sound card, the 1202VLZ3/4 gives you a lot of options with regard to using it as a patch bay, of sorts.
It is highly flexible thanks to its output structure.

Let’s say you have 8 inputs on your sound card. Through the use of the 2 Control room outs (via PFL solo) + 2 main outs + 2 ALT 3/4 outs + 1 prefade aux send. That gives you the ability to funnel 12 mackie inputs into up to 7 outputs from the mackie… into 7 inputs on your sound card.
In this case it acts more as a signal router which is great when you have that second drum machine or synth and no room to fit it into your sound card’s inputs.


Have actually been using a used Samson Mixpad that I got for beans, USB recording though not a lot of EQ, only on mic ins.
Pretty damn clean actually and I prefer having more stereo inputs over mono. I think it’s actually designed for broadcasting, but have had no issues w/ software on Win7, recognized immediately on the USB for recording.
FX are mono though, one mono send, the mic preamps don’t really add any flavor, though 2 ins have inline comps… good if you are working live recording w/ stereo gear that you already submix on, as in my case. And was used to a mixer for much of the final flavor…
Until I have spare cash for an upgrade, the Samsons are underrated.


Actually that sounds ideal Adam. My sound card has 10 inputs. I’ll definitely look into that one.


Thanks Avantronica. This one certainly has a lot of features but it’s a bit too big for my space I think…


It would also help to know what gear you have to plug funnel into those 10 inputs. Let us know :slight_smile:

Midas M12 is another one with a similarly capable output structure, fyi. (6 outputs between; PFL monitor, main L/R, and 2 pre-fade aux sends)


Here’s my gear:

Poly’s - Peak, Prophet 6 and Prologue
Elektron stuff - A4 mk2, AR mk2, Digitone, Heat
Mono’s - o coast, Nyx
FX - Oto Bam

Currently the sc is maxed and I’m utilising the A4 and Digitone audio ins. Prologue is going into Heat but I’d rather have a more flexible arrangement where I can patch anything into Heat.

Thanks for your help everyone!


That’s a really nice set-up. :clap:
I’m slowly trying to construct a similar build and looking for a mixer that I won’t have to upgrade later on when I acquire new gear.
Currently trying to save for a REV-2.

Myself, I’ve been eyeing the Yamaha MG12XU 12 channel stereo usb mixer w/ effects.
Idk I just feel confident in Yamaha mixers.
It’s a little over $300 USD.
It has, 2 GROUP Buses + 1 Stereo Bus and
2 AUX (incl. FX).
Might be worth taking a gander at.


I would look at it also from the performance perspective, and i found that i cant handle more than two devices effectively at the same time. With AR or Tempest i can be occupied fully honestly. (Using all macros on it.) I thought also that if i would run all my gear through a mixer, i wouldn’t have to plug everything in and out so much.

For me it turned out , that i ended up in two modes, one is recording mode, and one is performance mode. That is why i would recommend a thunderbolt audio interface with a midi controller for recording, and a smaller mixer for performing.

Everyone is different though, but i would spend time on thinking this through.

There is a guy Vosne, who does really nice live sets and has an interesting setup:


which audio interface are you currently using?


RME Fireface 800


Great music there!


so you’ve got some ADAT expansion ports that you can fill. Adding one 8 input ADAT device will get you up to 18 inputs total

Lots of devices will suit the job, including older ADAT equipped audio interfaces.
I tend to prefer MOTU, since you can use their ADAT inputs (not outs!) to receive digital clock from the RME. You would only need 2 ADAT optical cables to connect to your RME.

Older 828 MKII, Traveler MK1, and 8pre all have standalone operation modes to be used as an a/d converter in this way.
The 8pre allows for setup without the computer. The other two require setup via firewire connected computer.
They each run about $125-$175 used and work great as dedicated converters.


Thanks Adam, I’ve had a look into the ADAT options but actually decided to go the mixer route… it worked out cheaper (I scored a bargain Mackie 1202 VLZ4) and I have hands on control, aux sends and output busses.

It should arrive tomorrow… then for the fun part of deciding how to wire everything up!

I appreciate your help :slight_smile: