Recommend an audio interface

A short briefing of my current situation:

i already have an interface in my so called studio, a MOTU 828 mk3 hybrid, mounted in a rack and a HEAT, also mounted on my rack

so everything from the the VLZ4 or the Elektrons, Moog etc. can be routed in and through it for further processing

my ‘big’ synths like the Waldorf Blofeld or the Korg Radias are at my home and supposed to act as a sound delivery-source for the Elektrons (more the OT than the AR) with noises, sound-bubbles, pads, atmospheres and so on … since i want to keep it simple in my studio and of course also very simple at my home I’m looking for a rather simple, not too expensive but average to good sounding (in terms of AD-converting) interface with two inputs and USB2 and Midi I/O.

i did some research on the surface and was hooked on Focusrite, Audient, Presonus, Roland - even M-Audio … but not RME, UA, other higher-end or again MOTU

of course in the lower price-segment i cannot expect the clearest sound but as everything is mangled then thru a chain of equipment from the OT (f.ex. the HEAT), nobody could hear the difference - I am sure … just for recording into my laptop at home

please advise me

I really like NI’s Complete Audio 6.

It sounds great (transparent and enough VOL) and has 6 inputs (2 of each style) and is built like a rock


Sounds like you should just get something decent from Behringer.


Not sure if it fits the need exactly, but i’ve been looking at the newer multi-function analog mixers that have come out recently, with the multiple USB interfaces. They fill many uses.

The Tascam Model 24 $1000

The Zoom LiveTrak L-20 $1000

The Presonus StudioLive AR22 USB $700

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Roland Octa-Capture


I’m happy with my K-mix.

thx for the replies … i think i will take a closer look on Focusrite or Steinberg

I use an old Mackie Onyx Blackjack at home and it works great. But it only has two outputs, and no MIDI. Before that I had an Agogee Ensemble which sounded incredible, but was Firewire, and rather buggy.

This is what I’m probably saving up for…

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I`m using RME since more then 15 years and had ZERO problems ever, just ace and reliable performance.
Would totally recommend for studio work…

Ah, and you could grab 2 hand rme`s for quite cheap - just saying


Why not use the analog heat?

I’ve been using the Roland Rubix-44 and love it. Built in compressors are a really nice touch, imo.

I use this too.
And another cool thing about the Audio 6 is the Multiclient ASIO driver. So you can use the Audio interface in multiple applications simulataniously!


Audient makes great interfaces (preamp quality and adda conversion) at that price range, but they don‘t have midi i/o.

The Focusrite 2i4 has two inputs, midi i/o and is fairly cheap. Could be a good choice for you.

Been very happy with Focusrite interfaces. If you can use Thunderbolt/Firewire I would always go that way rather than USB, personally, but USB is a lot better than it was.

This, my Saffire Pro 24 is too reliable. Kinda want it to break already so I can get an RME with 8 inputs in the same footprint, but it’s a lot of money just for that and slightly lower latency.


I have Komplete Audio 6 and Focusrite Scarlett 6i6. So, both are working out just fine for me.

The difference in ADDA quality alone is worth the price of the upgrade :wink:

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I used to own a MOTU 828 MK2 and now a RME Fireface UC. First i didn´t want it to believe it, but when i compared older (MOTU) recordings with my newer (RME) recordings there is a huge difference in sound quality. With the RME i can finally catch the sound as it IS. With the Motu i always was a bit disappointed.
If you don´t believe me, try it for yourself.

M-Audio i had a couple of years ago. That one or Focusrite is ok for a hobby musician. Nothing special, just ok.

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thank you all for the input… i just made a turn into a new direction - quite different but i couldn’t get more mobile with this one:

what about this:

the H4n Pro from Zoom

or here