Reaper and Overbridge with Digitakt 1.20 (MacOS) ... working solution here

Hi all, I looked all over the internet and couldn’t really find a simple solution for using my Macbook and Overbridge to import each track separately. I did it with very little fuss and just wanted to share:

Well, if you just want stereo to come in, then it seems you have a choice nowadays since the 1.2 firmware update, either bring it in via USB audio or via the Overbridge Plugin in Reaper. I did this (Overbridge Plugin) initially and I really liked how the final mix came in without any degradation whatsover. And if I want to use global effects from the Digitakt, I may end up using this method to record each track separately. Further, it was all driven by the DAW doing it this way. So it was extremely elegant!

BUT, if you want to bring all tracks in separately, then you need to open the Digitakt application outside of Reaper. You will see Tracks 1 and 2 are the stereo mix. But Track 3 onward are the separate tracks.

In Reaper, you will have to choose a new Audio Device in your Preferences. There are 2 options which then refer to the Digitakt there. I honestly can’t remember the names, but the first one I selected worked.

Once that is done, you simply activate 8 tracks for recording starting with Input 3 through to 10 (i.e. Track one on Reaper would be set to record Input 3).

This pretty much gets everything into Reaper separately and allows you to work on the tracks to your heart’s content. I found the levels a little low, but definitely workable. Next time around I might just max out the levels for each track before sending the audio in.

I hope that helps.

It is incredible to be able to bring the audio in this way and probably the singular reason why I will never sell this device.

Thank you Elektron!

Hope that helps someone.
cheers, Chris