Realtime sampling through Overbridge on Digitakt?

I think this is a feature of Overbridge but even after reading the manual and this forum, I’m not 100% sure…

Can you sample from the DAW via the Overbridge plugin and so routing into the Digitakt? I can see that the Digitakt now has a USB input option when sampling, and the plugin seems to have input channels, but I can’t figure out how to do this.

I’m using REAPER, which even exposes an “input” track when inserting Overbridge as a multichannel instrument. But all to no avail for me so far.

Has anyone been able to do this? If so, how?

Many thanks for any pointers.

You can send audio from daw to digitakt!

I’m not sure how Reaper routes audio, but I know you can set the main outputs of Ableton Live to the Digitakt as a soundcard. Then simply change the input on the sample page of the Digi to “USB L+R” and you’re rockin!

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Thanks for the info ClayFace. I’m already using my own soundcard though - on Windows so can’t use multiple ASIO soundcards.

What I’d like to do, if possible, is route audio to the Digitakt via the Overbridge plugin itself. Is this possible?

Thanks all.

Not possible currently w/o selecting the digitakt as your soundcard. Hopefully this gets added in the future

Ah ok, many thanks for the info. I’m a bit disappointed… assumed I was doing something wrong and there’d be a way! Hopefully they’ll add it, like you say.

I have a uad Apollo soundcard so won’t be giving him up as my ad/da. easy to switch to DT s/c for sampling purposes but it would be great if the DT could just be good to go for receiving usb audio instantly, without any changing things. sampling from the mix during a live performance for example. I don’t believe there would be any feedback issues as long as the sample slot doesn’t have live monitoring.

ooh. maybe aggregating the 2 in Mac os is a solution.

Did you get anywhere with this? I picked up a Digitakt yesterday and this is high on my list to figure out. Also using a Mac here.