Real time monitoring from the input source


Is there any way to get real time monitoring with fx from the input source? Like mic or guitar?

Thank a lot :pray:t2:


In the Digitone this is possible (even in stereo), in the Digitakt unfortunately not. It’s very annoying for me.


Yes but it’s can’t work for me because now I’m using the digitone inputs for the digitakt.

Is there any other idea?

Thanks :pray:t2:


It would be so cool but it’s impossible unfortunately. :confused:

You could swap the two and have your mic/guitar going into the Digitone and the Digitone outs into the Digitakt Inputs?


Yes but then I lose the sent global stereo fx from the digitone ):

Can we ask from elektron to pot this request in the list for the next firmware?

It’s could be a great Feature for All the user who use this setup with the digitone and tha the digitakt.


Oh yeah right…

Well there is an unofficial feature request thread, this one request has popped up a few times I believe but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again >

That would be such a great addition, would love to process my guitar through the delay and reverb<3


On my interface I have zero latency hardware monitoring. This allows effects to be processed if under 3ms I believe is the number using onboard DSP.

Therefore (I just sold my Digitakt) but I could plug my guitar into an input on my interface post FX pedal chain and output the main outs of my interface into the Digitakt and it would output the hardware monitoring and I could monitor it on the Digitakt in real time.

I use Studio One and a PreSonus interface but other interfaces have zero latency hardware monitoring as well.


Yes man but the point in my case is that I’m not working with computer and that the reason I buy all this experience machine. I’m work as a Video editor and After long day on the screens I want to get the option to make music without any screen around me.


And my main point is that I’m implementing a hardware interface to do what I just spoke of, I mentioned Studio One for no real reason. I use my interface as a hardware hub for sampling all my gear. You just need something with passthrough.

But if that’s the case all you really need is a delay/reverb/preamp/etc pedal and it will solve all your problems and not be software.

I know it’d be nice to use the Digitakt as a pedal but it isn’t one. The Digitone on the other hand… I sold mine and I’m looking to buy another if that says anything.

Edit: Ok even though I use hardware pedals since I’m a guitar player first, I realize now I did mention Studio One because the hardware monitoring does allow you to monitor plugins in real time if that’s what you want, as long as their processing is below a certain threshold time. Sorry. I actually just tested this out for the first time with Blackhole delay because it was and might still be on flash sale for $29.


Thanks a lot for all this information :pray:t2:

In my case I’m would like to get the monitoring from the digitakt just for mic input. So reverb and delay could be more than enough for me.


For sure mate.

You could definitely take your mic and run it through so hardware pedals. Just make sure all the connections match, I’m not too familiar with mics, I’ve only owned one and use a field recorder now. I know some mics need phantom power, etc. So just look into it and get some pedals!

Sometimes Musician’s Friend website has insane pedal deals. I got a cheap analog delay for $30.


Why don’t you run digitakt into digitone and then headphone out into digitakt and just turn the monitoring off…


And then? What will it give me?


I apologise I guess I thought I understood your question but after re re re re re reading this thread I don’t… You have a digitakt, you want to run your vocals thru it and use the delay and reverb. You also have a digitone? So if that is true which I’m not really sure, you currently run digitakt into digitone? And you like this because you can use digitones global fx on digitakt and digitones main out? Now you want to have different delay and reverb settings for your vocals than your main out digitone fx? If that’s the issue than I apologize I thought you were asking something else


Yamaha has some super cheap mixers you can send main outs from into the Digitakt. Those same mixers have tons of basic effects on them, more so the higher you go in the product lineup.

Checkout the Yamaha MG06X. I think that series will be perfect for what you need and very cheap overall. Six input mixer plus onboard effects.