Real Polysynth

Guys, don’t hate me for starting this post, but maybe there are miracles and you can make one for me :slight_smile:

Ok… for looong time I am looking for a poly, that can do just that poly… meaty chords and pads.

I did try most there is around, but couldn’t find some meaty no dissonance poly.
I don t care of mono duties, just poly.
Many synths, when u play more than 2 keys sound awful.

I just don t want when playing chords to have those noise like artefacts and I also want unison poly, not when I switch unison on to get automatically to mono…

(Time ago I was looking just in the same way more or less for a mono… and in time I found more monos that I can chew. With poly… no luck :frowning: …or maybe I want something there isn’t)
Must also mention that I can t afford Moog One or Prophet 5.

Thanks a lot!

Didn’t we already have this conversation? :slight_smile:

Virus. Done.


As @papertiger says, Virus, an older Novation VA or possibly a rompler if DCO and VCO analogs aren’t your thing.


Maybe name them so we don’t mention them.

Also, what?


I can relate with that. That’s why I play only 2 keys most of the time


Micromonsta 2, hands down.


It’s important to understand what I am talking about.
Also interested mainy in chords(pads).

I did try Virus Ti which is close, but filter not crazy about and kind of weak classic oscillators … so not really.

Arturia Pigments 2 VST, with an Ableton Push2?

Most…synths. no point to mention all.
But maybe I am wrong somehow and someone who understands what I am saying will someway open my eyes… don t know.

No vsts for me. Thanks!

Well, why would anyone waste their time coming up with candidates for you to say, nope already tried that one?




I like this game, it’s like 20 questions, but with synths…I am already googling arcane synths.


Juno-60? They sound great, right?


From the Blofeld, Virus , Nord Lead trio, best for me was the NL2X.
Not saying Virus or Blofeld are bad.


Can t get vintage… to much to say why, but can t.

I was specific… not just looking for a poly.

If any of you play piano at least beginner level, and used polys, probably knows what I am talking about…
like Unifono

Let me put it another way:
If some of you play synths more or less like a piano with chords and stuff maybe they know what I am asking.
Maybe Andromeda would have fit the bill… just out of my reach :frowning:

Avoid the Andromeda. The chips are dying and they aren’t available. Sad really.