Random mute

Hi all,

Is there a way i can mute notes randomly on the MD?
I have created a bit of a melody and would like to mute some notes at random so that it doesn’t just repeat itself and creates a slightly different melody very time.
I can achieve what I want with the mute button obviously. I tried with a square LFO-> volume but somehow doesn’t quite achieve the same result (never fully mutted or cuts notes) .

Any ideas?


not really. but you can try it by linking one ore more LFO’s per track to the Volume parameters with random wave form.

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Thanks, will try that.

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Currently facing the exact same question and have also tried a squre wave LFO modulating the volume of selected steps via parameter locks. With rather unpredictable results.

@LarsUk Have you been successful with the suggested approach?

Did you set your lfo to HOLD?

Edit, just tried lfo on VOL, with SQR, HOLD, and another lfo modulaing lfo 1 speed.
It works but it can be clicky.
Maybe better on FLTW (filter width).

More complicated but not clicky : use a midi track, midi loopback (cable between in and out), and use corresponding CChanges and channels to MUTE tracks.
Use a CTR8P to control the values with a random lfo (lfos are not directly effective in midi machines).

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Another LFO modulating the speed of the Square LFO sounds interesting. Gotta try that. Also have to find out what the LFO speed corresponds to in musical terms; that might allow to have predictable repetition behavior.

Direct MIDI loopback won‘t work on the long run since I plan to sync and control other aspects of the MD via MIDI (would love to have a VST based editor!).

With another sequencer, I’d use midi mutes!

Btw I control MD with OT, I already can select Machines / Kits / lfo parameters like Dest… with it. :loopy:

I reserve MD random lfos for Decay, Pan, CTR8P, CTRAL…

16 of these guys:


Try this:



Thank you!