Radiohead "leak" now on Bandcamp


Good sample fodder this!


I’m so amused by this. I love their response.


Right? Class act those 6.


…the 6th being Nigel? :open_mouth:


Of course. “The 6th Radio”


…if it worked for the Beatles… :smiley:


I mean if George gets his honorary slot then Nigel deserves one too.


Agreed. The production on Ok Computer blew the doors off of Radiohead for me. I had enjoyed both Pablo Honey and The Bends, but when I heard OK Computer for the first time I said to myself, What the hell is T H I S?!


Yeah, that’s pretty cool. I feel awful saying this, but I’m sad it’s only till 98- I liked RHs 2000+ sounds more…


Iirc their first work together was street spirit and talk show host. Even then were talking a different band. I highly doubt they could have gone where they did wout him. Just like George.


I’m hoping a lot of people will buy the download. It’s a great response to what happened, and maybe they’ll volunteer more from the archives in the future? I know they’re looking through materials for the kid a anniversary.


Wow, what a gift for diehard fans.


What a fantastic way to raise funds for XR. This haul of unfinished sketches is a delight.


Their response is beautiful but I don’t like this - I feel very conflicted and I feel very bad for Radiohead - I am a die hard fan.
These guys got ripped off and this would never have had a place in the world other than in Thom’s personal archive… I believe above anything else that should be respected and so I will just imagine it stayed where it should be and not go there.
I can fully appreciate and understand that there will be millions jumping for joy though too.


They said that one option was to ignore it. It would have gotten out either way (i doubt they would have paid given to release it this way was an option) so they went the extra mile here.

I feel bad for thom. I mean he was paranoid before…


Just because you’re paranoid/
Don’t mean they’re not after you


I’m surprised no one has mentioned that these were all stored on mini disc. I can’t be the only one that loved that format?!


That was my primary reason for studying abroad in England. To buy one. I did and then I went to the record store everyday and recorded CDs and then returned them. Because you could do that in England in the early 2000s! lol



I loved mine. Had a car stereo that was a MD player too.

Near the end of the formats shelf life I hoovered up dozens of dirt cheap albums. About 3 years ago I decided to flog them as never used them any longer. Made a small fortune! I had Kid A and OK Computer which sold for 7 or 8 times what I paid. Best one was Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut. I reckon I got that for £3. Sold it for £50.

Actually think I used the money to get an Octatrack but memory fails me a little…