Quick questions


So i just got my digitakt and some quickies, do elektron update firmware regulary ? I found some stuff that i totaly agree should be added like trig preview a bandpass filter, is there a beta program? Any community sample soundpacks ?



2-There’s a digitakt wants thread, it isn’t monitored by elektron. To send a direct request, open a ticket.

3-Lots of sound packs on the elektron site and in the files section of the forum.


Elektron have a good track record for updating devices with new features for several years release so hopefully the same will hold true for the Digi line. Agreed there are some features it would be great to have but I wouldn’t bank on anything specific being added… enjoy the machine for what it is and then any updates are a nice surprise :slight_smile:

There was a German forum post recently where someone had met and talked with Cenk and he mentioned something about an upcoming Digitakt firmware update so :crossed_fingers: