Question about using midi control surfaces with vst’s and 3rd party editors

I’m hoping someone can give me some advice regarding using a midi Control surface of some sort to vst’s and more importantly editors for hardware synths.

My current setup revolves around iMac running S1. Audio and control via a StudioLive desk so great integration with S1. Most synths and drum machines I’m using are connected to the Mac via a USB hub so midi I/o is all good. However I’ve got a few hardware synths where I’d like to use software editors to programme them.

So could I use a knobby/switchy Control surface of some kind to control the software editor which in turn will control the synth? I’ve got the AS 1 in mind which I believe offers control over more parameters when using NRPNs. I’d like to be able to tweak the sound tower editor via some hardware. I’d also like to be able to control other gear with the controller if poss too.

Don’t need a keybed element as I’ve got that covered.

Is this possible? If so any tips or hints?

Thanks in advance.

EC4 side view large

It’s about £220. Solid quality. 3.5mm midi, Usb class compliant.