Q on cheap Class D Amps


Question for the hive mind

I’m missing a small simple amp I can hide to drive some old Bose 2.1 speakers that will serve my kitchen well - one input is fine - I’ll try to hide the sub which has the crossover - but the amp has to be small and mounted on the side/top of a cupboard or even on the sub


This fella (or similar one with mounting flanges) is where I’m at for starters, it’s a class D type amp

I’m not losing sleep over fidelity/volume here, but I’m puzzled that these products only seem to be coming from unknown Chinese sources - I’ve not gone to town googling, but I wonder if anyone has experience with these types of amps and a theory why they’re not more mainstream (seemingly) - the quality of the PSU (external) may be a concern, but in every other regard I don’t see the drawbacks which has me wondering … what’s the catch although it’s maybe not ultra cheap ? I’ll either run with this type of thing or offload the Bose stuff and stick with a ghetto-blaster, but that always gets in the way in a kitchen.

Thought on these amps welcomed …


Have you seen the PAM8403 single board amps? They’re so cheap, I bought 5 for around $10 a couple years back. Mounted it into a little plastic box I had laying around, wired it to a USB cable (it runs on 5VDC). I use it for my turntable and cassette deck, hooked up to a pair of 8" bookshelf speakers that I got for $20 used. Sound is suprisingly decent considering how inexpensive it is. Plus it’s tiny!


maybe a little bit off topic:
my last kitchen hifi system went directly back to the shop.
it was a small panasonic hifi system, tests in internet have been very good. but that thing had way too much bass.
no real eq-s anymore and they somehow forgot to implement a eq setting that turns off that terrible (artificial?) sub bass.

it really hurt to listen to spoken word and listening to music was no fun either.

i really recommend a longer soundcheck before installing your system.
i learned liking my old, cheap plastic hifi system. it only receives one radio station, but it got tape and CD. and enough bass.


I haven’t but I am glad to hear about options, it is about small cheap and safe and not too bad on audio side. DIY is a bonus too. Will Google that when back at base. Cheers


EQ would be handy ,I think some of those cheap class d amps had EQ - must check. Fidelity is no big deal as long as it isn’t boomy or shrill or crazy noisy


highly recommend the eq. i don´t know if you are listening to radio in the kitchen, but sub bass can get very annoying very quickly.


no chance there - I can’t listen to radio compression on any system without running to the hills - this is just for a modest Chromecast telly with zero output - 1/3 TV 1/3 YouTube etc 1/3 Music - these speakers are just taking up room, may as well put them to use