Push 3 Users Thread

I can’t even believe this thing exists. Live wherever. Can’t do ALL of the things and some things you can but are a bit tedious to do, but what you CAN do is make music anywhere you can take it, in the Live environment.

So. Damn. Excited! (to keep learning this thing)


Can any one of you comment on the paint/finish of Push3? My Push1 became a sticky mess, and I can’t seem to find information on the paint/finish of Push3…

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It does not have the TPE rubber coating that was the bane of many Push 1/2 users.

Adding this to a FAQ section of the first post above as this is definitely the most FAQ!


Has someone used the CV Tools yet with the CV outs? Or is it just for Pitch / Gate Sequencing?

On the sonic state video about 19 minutes in you can see it being used for pitch, gate, aftertouch and filter I think- so assignable to anything (and with a lot of ready made pre-sets)


I may finally take a dip into eurorack world one day now Push 3 can do CV :slight_smile:

There are plenty of small stand alone synths with CV and Behringer (lover them or hate them) have made eurorack/cv synths quite cheap…for example

Was thinking more along the Brains module with some of B’s new FX modules too.

Would be nice to see if specifically the Ableton CV Tools all work where you can send own modulations. Dont know if the Shaper CV Instrument for example would work, that would really be cool stuff.
If you just could sequence the modular it would be a little bit a waste of opportunity.

CV tools includes modulation- envelope follower, lfo, shaper etc- you can download it and have a look, its free I think (with Suite anyway) and its been around a long time (not sure if its updated with PUSH 3, maybe just to add some pre-sets for the built in outs?)

Pretty handy having audio in with a larger built in tuner in PUSH 3 for Eurorack stuff as well!



Brains doesn’t have a lot of CV control and you would still need a case/PSU etc A good module (Plaits!) if you are going to buy other stuff along the way…

Something analogue may be more fun like the Crave or even the Neutron which is a lot of fun and often around £$200 second hand (£275 new)

PS- as Brains is basically Plaits (which is open source) you can actually get it free as a M4L rack instrument- identical as its digital and same source code… its even polyphonic in Live!



Will be putting it in spare 19" rack space that I have. Already seen B’s eurorack 19" powered case. Maybe the B Sys 100 110module too along with Brains and space FX with possibly the Proton in the future.

Am avoiding external M4L devices at moment, as some will not work on Push 3 if they use externals i.e Java etc.
Ableton are in process of building a guideline for M4L developers to follow to make them Push3 ready. I have come across 1 or 2 M4L devices already that will not load anymore.

The manual discusses how to Delete and Rename Sets but doesn’t mention any way to duplicate sets or create templates. Anybody figure out how to do either of these?

It‘s what you you set it to, you can assign outputs to your liking in the desktop app and transfer the presets to Push 3.

Fors’ Kit has been updated with Push 2 and 3 mappings! :star_struck:


Very nice. This is a fantastic package.

@Ess any plans to add this and some of the other devices to the Ableton packs webstore? Seems like only Chiral is there at the moment. Might get more visibility.


We all know @Ess is getting hammered to make Opal Push 3 compatible, but man what an awesome little drum machine. I am arranging a tune now with multiple Opal ideas I wrangled out of it. Also figured out how to make a really nice souning snare faster than digging through my sample library for one.

I can’t imagine how cool it would be to sequence Opal on the Push 3 pads in standalone. Would be mindbending. I hope Ableton empowers him and other devs to be able to do this.


I think fors will be on it. But I think it will take some time because there is no support for the custom UI at the Moment. But when its there I think they will make awesome on the Push. You could really translate the Sequencer in all of its glory to the MPE Pads if you do it right. And that would really be something, because the “original” Push Sequencer is is kind of normal and a little bit boring.


personally I found those virtual cabling devices to be a pain in the ass. Ended up removing them.