Push 2. How are users finding it after honeymoon?


what’s better on push 1? I found 2 a major improvement


I find it better for playing live and Push 2 more of a studio tool due to the changes they made.


and why? I’m just interested


Mainly how they changed muting and soloing tracks I find it much faster to do with the first version. But you know maybe I’ve just been lazy and don’t know 2 as well as I should, to be honest I was kind of surprised they changed it so much that you pretty much has to relearn how to use the damn thing :smiley:


Push 1 also have much better aftertouch response and faster response on the touch strip.


The push2 touch strip always bothered me. It made the push seem laggy, or slow performance. Not as snappy as standalone hardware.


I ended up getting a Push 2 again. I’m liking it much more with the new Live 10 features. The integration with non-Ableton VSTs is great. I don’t think I’ll get rid of it again. Hopefully Elektron hurries up with Overbridge 2.0. Curious to see if it will have Push integration.


Still have Push 2. Still use it all the time. Probably will never feel as snappy or fast or as intuitive as standalone hardware, probably just due to the fact it does so many things.

It does grow on you. The more and longer you use it, it becomes easier to like. I recommend watching all of the tutorial vids from Ableton. I don’t use it for everything, but it’s a nice break/alternative to the mouse - if you have time to slow down and focus and feel things out with your hands, rather than simply click with a mouse. Just depends on mood a lot of the time.

Best things:

Playing the grid. playing the grid plus Live 10’s new “Capture MIDI” button just beg for loose experimentation and spontaneity.
In scale mode.
max4live sequencers.
Beats on the pads. Step seq. Repeats.
Recording automation with the knobs.
Device visualizations.

Worst things:

Sound design with complex synths is still a bit dull and menu-diving. I still feel like Ableton abandoned some things that could improve the experience, or left it up to various scattered 3rd parties. Not cool. They could take a lesson from Novation on regular meaningful updates to Push 2 (vst editing - banks, naming, control ordering, icons, etc.). Just my opinion though.

build-quality of the rectangular base is fantastic. But the knobs feel cheap, plasticy, and some are tight and some are loose. On something this expensive it should give feeling of confidence and consistency when turning a knob - like Nord Lead, or even Behringer Model D for pete’s sake.


I’d be lost without my Push 2

I’d keep reaching for it if it wasn’t there and be pissed…

Everything always perfectly automatically mapped.


Mines solid as, knobs feel great and no sticking etc… I’ve heard these complaints from others as well and never had any issues myself



Yeah, it’s a shame that it feels kind of laggy compared to “real hardware”. Seems like there’s a delay of maybe 250-500ms when changing page/device before the screen updates (on a top spec 2017 Macbook), which is enough to bug me. But it is a great device. I really should use mine more, it’s just gathering dust.


Want to trade? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m guessing there were a lot of different batches made, some with issues, some without. Nothing is broken on mine, it’s just the inconsistency bugs me. When I got it I googled a way to tighten the knobs but didn’t find anything. Maybe I’ll try again.


I have exactly the same sentiments. I’d love to use it, but the laggy feeling keeps bugging me too. And when you have enough hardware which reacts to anything you do immediately it’s a pain to switch between. I also need to relearn everything always as I use it too seldom.

And. Every time I hook it up with hardware, I end up only tinkering with too many plugins or get lost with Omnisphere to get anything really done. It CAN be fun too, but it’s not productive.

I’m certain that it’s a keeper for anyone doing stuff purely with Live/Daw, but I should really sell mine.


I don’t think there’s any technical reason for it to be so laggy – I guess the software which runs on your computer and drives the display is just architected in such a way that its slow. It’s a shame as this is my main gripe with it - well, that and the lack of native proper VST support years after launch.


Yes the lag bothers me too. But not too much. Maybe I am used to lag from using a 2011 iMac. Everything on it has some lag! Shame to hear it seems laggy even with newer macs.

Using Push 2 for sound design with an extremely deep soft-synth like Omnisphere sounds like a nightmare. I think it shines for me when using simple things like ABL3 or a TAL Juno emulations, reverbs, delays, etc. And some of Ableton’s own devices, of course. If a vst is too complex I find it better to make some patches with the mouse, and then just use Live’s macro controls + Push.


Yeah, that is also true. Abletons own devices are wonderfully controlled by Push - but once you select some non-ableton plugins, you need to have the monitor and mouse, obviously. Killing the “here jamming with hardware and sipping red wine” vibe immediately.


yes, these work really well. Almost like the A4 with jumping between synth parameter pages


And when I was still trying to have a hybrid setup by controlling all hardware from Live I became obsessed trying to control everything via Push. I kept mapping and remapping midi plugins and cc mappings all the time so that everything would be PERFECT. It obviously never was and I guess this is some sort of OCD behaviour I keep on doing. I don’t do such stuff with Deluge + HW - which I use nowadays. So perhaps Live + Push just isn’t compatible with me - I can really see that for someone it can be.


Love it. It’s more of a utility than an instrument.


Ableton user since 2004 Bought it on release, sold it recently unused.