Pummeling Kicks from BugBrand DRM2

Kick drum modules seem to be all the rage these days. Here is a sample work using the venerable BugBrand DRM2. Typically I sample the DRM2 into 1010 Music Bitbox Micro, but for this piece I sequenced the DRM2 and tweaked the bend Decay amount and to a lessor extent, the bend rate. The heavy typewriter sound is Industrial Music Electronics Piston Honda MkIII triggered by ALM Pam’s New Workout. The “drop” zaps are IME Hertz Donut MkIII sampled to Bitbox Micro. Arpeggio sound source is IME Kermit is Oscillator Mode being filter by IME Bionic Lester in bandpass mode. Delays are from Happy Nerding FX Aid. All sequencing by XOR Electronics NerdSEQ.

Thanks for listening!


Not my scene…and love it! Thanks for sharing.

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Damn, that is great.

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Wow! Thank you for the encouraging words!

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