PSU-3B/C power supply alternatives?

Has anyone found a reliable drop-in replacement for the Elektron power supply? I need a couple of spares, but $50/ea for a 12V 2A adapter is pretty eye-watering.

Here’s a MyVolts adapter that is advertised as a replacement, but it looks to be only rated for 1.5A:

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I’ve bought a couple 12V PSUs for Analog and Digis from eBay without issue.

Just search for “DC 12v 2A 5.5mm 2.5mm”
Make sure it’s center positive (most are)

The last ones I bought can provide up to 4A, and didn’t hum or do anything weird. Usually run about $7


Very helpful, thank you.

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Yea, the lower priced ones are typically wall-wart. The pricier ones ($15) have the 2 pin cable extension. So you can kinda choose what suits you needs most.
I like the wallwart for more compact use with a DC outlet based battery pack.

Also search 5A, as many LCD monitors used the same specs at higher amperage.

How are you finding the lower priced walwarts a few months in? Looking to grab a few for my OT, DT, and DN so I don’t need to constantly unwire the studio.

No issues


Lovely. I assume you just grabbef some of the generic ones that all have basically the same photos? Haha.



Same. All fine.


Any links to any of these, including the walwarts?

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The same ones I bought are no longer on eBay. But following the listed specs should suit.

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Got some, thanks,

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Having a very odd experience tonight with different combinations of USB hubs and power supplies with my Digitone, Digitakt, iPad, and an Anker USB hub.

I have this USB hub, which Anker said supports MTT. I have that plugged into an iPad Air 4 with the official Apple USB/HDMI/Charging dongle and official PSU. I have the Digitone and Digitakt both plugged into the hub running into AUM on the iPad to control some synths and receive program/pattern change messages. The DN is my master clock, transport, and audio mixer. It sends MIDIUSB to the iPad, and MIDI DIN to the DT. The DT sends audio and MIDI DIN to the DN, and the DT receives MIDIUSB from the iPad. The iPad is sequenced by the DN, and sends audio to the DN via USB. I also have a powered UGreen USB hub that I use in my studio with everything routed the same way, and it works flawlessly. I also have some 3rd party PSUs for the Elektron devices so that I don’t need to crawl under my desk and unhook stuff when I want to work outside the studio.

Tonight, I was setting up everything for the first time with the new Anker hub and ran into an issue where the audio from the iPad into the DN would glitch out regularly. After some extensive (and extremely scientific) testing, I came upon the following combinations of what works and what does not work.

  1. If I use the Anker hub and both 3rd party power supplies, the audio glitches out.
  2. If I use the UGreen powered hub and both 3rd party power supplies, the audio does NOT glitch out.
  3. If I use the Anker hub and one 3rd party power supply and one Elektron power supply (it does not matter which machine has which) OR both Elektron power supplies only, the audio does NOT glitch out.

This implies to me that there is something going on with the power between the 3rd party plugs and the Anker. Since the Anker is unpowered, does it draw its current from all of the devices plugged in, or only the host device would deliver power? What could be causing this odd behavior? It’s friggin’ weird.

@Nejben77, those power supplies are the ones I’m talking about. Let me know if you have any issues.

Hey y’all, looking for an alternative power adapter for my DT. I found this universal adapter at a store near my house, wondering if it’d work/be safe:

Looks like it can go up to 12 V with 1.3 A, and based on reviews it looks like it comes with a 5.5 mm 2.5 mm pin adapter.

Anyone have experience with one of these universal adapters?

Shouldn’t this one also do the trick? As long as “inner positive” is the same as “center positive” which I presume to be true.