Project Deleted: Bug Or Feature?

Hey everyone!

So last night I started a new project with a new kit. I loved it, and everything was going great. I SAVED the kit in this new project (Func + TRK). Then, I quick saved the kit and pattern just in case. After that, I got tired and turned the AR off.

I turn it back on this morning, and my AR is magically on the PREVIOUS project I worked on, with the new project nowhere in sight. I dont understand, I thought the current project was supposed to be remembered before turning the machine off? The only thing I can think of that I missed was saving the actual project manually.

I can see this being an obvious user error if I created a new project, switched to another project, and then chose not to save the current project before switching in the project menu prompt (I know because that exact thing has happened to me and it was totally my fault).

But like I said, I dont get why the AR didnt at least let me continue from where I left off before powering down. Maybe I still dont understand how the project/kit structure works. Lost some good progress, so it’s frustrating.

Am I missing something? Is it still on me due to user error?

You need to save the Project also. I believe Octatrack is the only box that auto saves.

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Yeah, I had a feeling that was the case. Alas, the growing pains of learning a new instrument! Thanks for clarifying, really appreciate it.

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Also, when you switch off, ensure you use the button on the unit itself, rather than a wall socket, or pulling the cable out. They seem to do some amount of auto save if you use the switch.

But, yeah… best to manually save projects before you switch off.

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Yeah…lesson learned for sure.

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