Programatically trigger scene?



I created a scene with multiple parameters such cut the BD bass frequency, increase clap delay, distort hi-hat and so on. It’s working fine.

But what i want to do (and i don’t know if is it possible) is to activate / de-activate the scene using a sequencer’s step. My aim is to use the scene to build a drum fill, so for instance i would activate to scene on step 1 and de-activate on step 13. Is this possible ?

Thanks !


Not on the AR itself.

But via the OT…ohhhhh yeeeeaaaahhhh. MIDI track to AR Auto channel, CC 92, values 1-12.


Wow ! Did not know that, thank you :smiley:


With all the OTs MIDI capabilities? Soooooooo much fun. Same with Performance mode.


Can i do something similar , but for mute / unmute sounds ?


Yes but you have to toggle CCXX (I forget which) for each individual track. That’s too much MIDI real estate imo.


Thank you, where can i find all these CC values (trigger scene, mute tracks etc) ?


The manual :slight_smile:


Also im sure its been asked about before


Sorry :stuck_out_tongue: