Program change lag between MS and MC

I thought this would work straight out of the box but has anyone had success sending pattern changes from one Model to another? Whichever way I do it and whatever MIDI settings I use the pattern change is always one cycle behind the machine sending the change.

Any ideas?


Was having this issue OT->M:C. All I figured out was that if scale was on pattern it worked correctly but on track it did not. I’ll submit a ticket now.

Edit: if, not of.

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That’s it! If I change back to PTN from TRK then the changes work,as expected.

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Just to add to midi sync woes, I’ve found MC to be incredibly wonky with Ableton. Huge tempo swings, midi notes getting missed, etc. Ableton sync is usually ok for me with Elektron devices.

I could be writing complete bollocks but I seem to remember a recent hardware release that had midi sync issues that were fairly quickly tidied up via a firmware update.

I suggest raising a ticket with the guys for your issue though.

Ticket sent. Yeah, sort of a bummer to not be able to use track scale with another device. I tried various “CHG” settings too and it didn’t resolve the issue. I’ll report back if I hear anything.


CHG setting doesn’t work Properly when connected to other devices.
You have to set the same master length it’s the same on all of them

Yeah, there’s no “m.length” when in tracks mode in the m:c though.

Hey @AdamJay, do you have this same issue with the OT M:S combo?

I’m guessing he doesnt want the patterns to change simultaneously, as he is using the OT for processing the m:s? Could be wrong of course

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@853 Do you have the M:S and M:C connected directly via Midi cables? Or are you using MIDI over USB via DAW on PC?

I have stopped using MIDI over USB, due to latency issues. Especially with Elektron devices, like the Digitakt I now have.

I now use strictly direct MIDI via the MIDI IN/OUT/THRU ports and connect all my gear in a direct MIDI chain.
All Latency issues went away. I have now a MOTU Micro Lite USB Midi Interface on my wish list to buy.

Straight in to out midi.

Latency is not an issue, just the delay in pattern change on the slaved machine which looks to be just when scales are set to Track.

So, now that there will be plenty of 'nauts with the Models Combo… Is anyone else experiencing the lag when changing patterns when using Scales and Program Changes?

I’m using manual pattern changes on both devices, which is OK for 4 bar patterns but I struggle when on a 1 bar variation filler.

Hi, I’m experiencing the same lag here.
I love and use a lot of track scale…

I don’t have an M:C or M:S but I could add an option to my Pattern Clips device (patterns and banks are less than older Elektron devices?) to help with pattern change delays from Ableton Live.