Problems with delay on midi in ableton

Hey all , can i please have some direct instructions on how to sort out my setup.

I’m sequencing midi on the Digitakt but when using Overbridge the Digitakt and midi are then delayed.

Anyone know how best they get the midi back in time whilst using overbridge. are you using track delay, what amount? anyone got a template Work file. i find this an ongoing process that leaves me feeling i can’t get the best out of both worlds with close to 100% accuracy. I’m not trying to set this up to play in live performance just enough for me to make something dawless with midi and simply be able to get it all recorded in a nice fast streamlined way.


I second that, i want my rythm on dt and use abelton as an vst host for synths and have them monitored in sync recording would be awsome to

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yeah i feel like its one of the bad things about Overbridge at least when i record things direct, things are in time. But lets face it, it ain’t no fun to not have individual channels. anyone have a template too help a man out if there is such a thing ?


If you use OB with plugins you shouldn’t have any delay with software/plugins inside Ableton except if you are using internal dt seq.

i’ll give it a try now. thanks