Problems sending notes to the Roland sp 404

I am sequencing the Roland sp 404 sx with the octatrack as midi master.
And I am having an issue , everything sync well but when I put a note in the midi track in the octatrack it plays the note and the first note of the octave so it plays two notes instead of only the note I want, any ideas ?
The transport is set to zero


As midi sequencer you mean. Do you want to sync Sp404 sequences or fx?
Otherwise sync is not needed.

That is to say?
Only 1 note in the first midi page?
No plocked notes?
Only 1 track?

No, I want to sequence the sp 404 thru the octatrack, it means triggering notes from the octatrack, and the problem is that I put D3 for example and it triggers D 3 and C3 at the same time so two notes instead of one

No additional note (NOT2/3/4)?
Nothing plocked if you hold a trig?

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This is the problem, It puts two notes in the keyboard instead of just one

Look like you have an additional note plocked. +2 on note2, Undo the plock.

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How ?

Hold the trig and press down on the encoder that corresponds with the plocked parameter.

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It doesn’t work maybe I am doing wrong can you explain me better please ?

See where it says NOT2 +2, that’s the issue. You need to turn the bottom left encoder of the 8 encoders at top right of the OT. Or maybe the second to bottom left encoder. You want that +2 to be 0. Good luck- it should be a quick fix.

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Ok thank you very much

Sure, anytime. Enjoy your OT. Should be a cool combo with the 404.

Yeah it is !!!

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