Problem restoring Project sysex

After installing the last couple of updates (ending at 1.23) all my projects now sound completely off. as in, all the sounds have changed to something random.

Luckily i backed up everything before doing the updates. (sometime in november).

So i have begun restoring my projects from sysex. This has turned out to be a quite esoteric process. So far i’ve managed to get 3 out of 7 projects back to life. Each project requiring a different method for reanimation. Some i have to load a certain kit, others i’ve had to load it ontop of the old project and so forth.
In short i have no idea what i am doing.

The reason i save my tracks as projects is to avoid going into the whole “Kit vs sound vs pattern vs +drive” matrix/labyrinth.

So, can anyone please help me;

What is the correct process for restoring a project using a “saved project.syx” ?

This might not be very helpful, but I think, you are doing it right. Transfering the sysex to the A4 is supposed to be the correct and logical process. Loading of kits or loading on top of another project is weird.

I would recommend to open a ticket. I have had some strange problems since OS 1.22 too to reload the one or the other project back from the internal storage correctly. No sysex is involved, but there could be a possibility that your problem and mine are connected somehow. Olle from Elektron told me that I share this problem with a very small group of users and he is up to investigate it deeper. Maybe it’s some kind of a “reload” issue in general.

I have been attempting to restore various saved whole project to my A4 from saved whole project .syx files but am not having any luck. Via USB- I start off by creating a new project and then go to System Exclusive Receive - Receive Anything - and send the .syx whole project file via C6. At that point I can see that the A4 is receiving all the data. Once the file has been sent I go back to the home screen but the project is not loaded. Is there a missing step to restoring??

Thanks for any and all help/suggestions.

You description of the process seems correct. I would suggest that you create a support ticket with Elektron in light of the problems raised by other users in this topic.

This is what solved it for me:

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