Preslicing audiobuffers issue

Hey guys! I finally managed to create a setup with octa as the brain in a similar way as dataline does in this video. I love the sampling and remixing using parts, but i have an excruciating question. I pre sliced the audio buffer in part 2, so i can use slices to obtain great result, but whenever i change BPM the preslicing is off. Id like to know if this is a known behavior and there is nothing to do or someone find a way around to have 16 slices always evenly distributed on their buffers. Thanks!

Yeah this is a notorious feature (see @tnussb’s post below). One fix is using STRT without slices. STRT gives you 128 positions equally spread over the sample. So for your example 128 / 16 = 8; your p-locks for slices would be 0, 8, 16, 24, etc.

Another way which I tend towards at the moment is just using CREATE SLICE GRID from slice menu after you shift bpm (you can do this before you record). Once you get the shortcut down (TRACK + BANK, AMP/SLICE, YES for menu, create slice grid, NO for zero crossings), it’s not too much trouble depending on what you’re doing at the time. The last option you used from the slice menu will be selected next time you open it - that goes for number of slices. too - which can save time. The advantage being you can keep using all your slice tricks (LFOable, scene behaviour, easily lockable, CREATE RANDOM LOCKS, etc).

Those are the workarounds, it’s up to you to figure out which works best for what. To be fair though I wish they had got round to fixing it, it’s a bit of a pain. The silver lining is that you can get some weird outcomes that you might not have predicted!


Thanks Merv.
Im doing exactly what you say, that is a shame tho, I hope i will be focused enough when i’ll play live :slight_smile:

It’s always been like this, very unfortunately.

This is NOT a bug. Slice boundaries are stored as absolute sample positions by design.


Gotcha :+1: What are the benefits?

I guess the resolution?

Yep, resolution and, of course, accuracy. I guess the re-usage of slicings wasn’t really a planned feature, but more a by-product due to how slicings are stored.

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