Power to Midi keyboard?

Just a short simple question. Can the Syntakt Power a Midi keyboard like the Keystep over USB while also transmitting Midi. So you would just need one Cable?

The Syntakt doesn’t have any USB-A ports, so that seems unlikely.


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You and supposedly me (we both) need USB MIDI host. Host will Power keyboard and convert it’s USB MIDI info into MIDI that will go to Syntakt…

Or a small keyboard with MIDI out like the Keysteps. That could run of a powerbrick…

Yeah, but its 2022, I don‘t want to sit on the couch and need two power cables for that little setup. All that useless cable crap. Why isn‘t there still a standard to just plug one cable for data and power in one.

Do I really need to spend 2000Bucks for an overpriced OP-1 just to sit on the couch without the danger of being hung by ropes? :joy:

No, just use Syntakt keyboard fold mode! :content:
Very playable, probably better than OP1 if you’re ok to play with available scales…

Or a battery powered Keyboard with midi trs/din out…


This will be my Last resort :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This is just the thing for you. No, really. 5 pin MIDI, battery operated, and cheaper than a Launchkey Mini.

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I hope you can change octaves with it, otherwise it’s useless…

Keyboard also functions as a MIDI controller and boasts a two-octave, non-weighted, velocity-sensitive keybed ranging from C3 to C5.

If I remember correctly, you can change octave with the D pad. There’s a touch strip assigned to pitch bend, but no mod wheel. Full size keys that are reasonably ok too. I used to use this as my main MIDI controller! For $20-40 on eBay and the like, or free if you have one stashed in your closet it’s far from the worst option out there.