"Post-pandemic haze" - new album on bandcamp

Thanks to a good advice from a fellow 'nauter, I decided it was time to compile some of my favorite youtube jams from the last couple of years into an actual audio release.

Don’t expect any hi-fi recordings, as this is just the audio rip from the original videos with some minor EQ tweaking, so there’s definitely a digital lofi vibe to it! :smiley:


Have read title track (“the sound of youth”).
Listened 10 seconds randomly.
Mind already went far away to old memories.
I will definitely go back to really listen to your album when I will have more time because it sounds soooo good !

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Thanks, it’s definitely a nostalgia-ridden sonic trip! I hope you’ll like it when you have the chance to listen to it in full. :slight_smile:

I made a YouTube playlist with all the tracks as well, in case anyone’s interested in seing how they were performed:


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Really enjoying this (and subscribed)

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Hey there! Thanks for listening, glad you liked it. :slight_smile: