Post me some new school, non standard DUB (techno whatever) bangers please

i love dub music, but most dub techno
is the usual boring 4onthefloor stuff or too soft and ambient for my taste.

i need inspiration, what are your favorite

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for but one of my favourite dub-related discoveries recently was Another Channel, I guess it’s just kinda dub with a dub techno sound palette but I thought done really well


Heads up that this thread exists, as well as another for general Dub Techno recs. Unusual Dub Techno

At this point if you aren’t looking for the 4/4 vibey stuff or the more traditional Dub I feel like we’re just gonna be looking at loosely dub inspired works. Not really bangers but…

Topdown dialectic will never go out of fashion for me. Vol 2 is a favorite, Vol 3 for even greater abstraction.

the new Marco Zenker

Pretty well known, but astounding in my view


Zamzam Sounds / Kaliphonic never let me down for dub and dub influenced music.

Vinyl only can make acquiring tracks a bit of pain but if you are just looking for inspiration dig through the sound cloud as there are plenty of gems in there.

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The mixes are especially nice.