Possibility for noise SCWF?


i enjoy using single cycle waveforms in my OT. was wondering, as i’ve not found one, if there is a single cycle waveform that generates white noise when looped. parenthetically, I am NOT looking for a short sample of noise — i would also like to load this into my synths that accept SCWFs (evolver). is this possible?



A single cycle waveform is a short sample.

You could try sampling some noise from a synth or amplifying background noise in your OT.

It’s worth remembering that the Evolver has a built-in white noise generator.


To expand:

The reason you can’t strictly speaking have a SCWF of noise is because there is no cycle. Having a repetitive cycle is synonymous with a pitched sound - the reason a sound is pitched is because the WF is at least partially repeating a number of times a second.

Noise by definition has no pitch, it is spread across all frequencies equally (in the case of white noise). You could take a small sample of noise to create your own arbitrary cycle, you can use the length of your SCWF if you want to pitch it in tune.


@defenestration shows two easy techniques for generating usable noise from OT inputs at the beginning of his videos here and here


Math to the rescue!


One could apply a random LFO at a high depth to pitch (and maybe another to sample end - not sure what OT has for sample points) to create noise like sounds, right?


Easiest evolving noise :
Set a Thru with AB
Playback VOL = 63
Amp VOL = 63
Add Filter’s Distortion /Lofi’s distortion / Compressor to Max gain…
Used here with compressor + comb filters only :

:loopy: :elot: Comb Comp Contest!


Yes theorically, but even at 300 bpm with max lfo speed I don’t find it satisfying. Better results with rate (with pitch +12), and with Comb filters tune modulation.

OT has start / loop / end points in the audio editor, and Start / Length values you can modulate.