Portable Battery to Power Elektron


I have an Xtorm and so far it has worked fine for both the OT and A4 at once.

There is a fan on it that makes an annoying high-pitched whine. Not loud or anything, but it gets on my nerves in an otherwise quiet room.


I linked this and bought it months ago, its still working fine. I used it every day for five days in a row from Edinburgh to Glasgow and back it still had a very small charge in it so I would say roughly 10hours.


Does anyone know if the Omnicharge will work for Elektron gear? What choice between the differet models is the correct one?




Hiya, I was wondering if any fellow Australians had any luck with such a device? Or some recommendations of what model to buy and what specs?


I’m close to pulling the trigger on an Xtorm AL390. Got a few mates with spare Euro plug leads and it seems the most reliable option given the comments here.


@CitizenJ are you in AU? if so let me know how you go?

i wanna go camping with my rytm lol



(Not so) sunny Melbourne. :totes: Hoping I can get a friend in the UK to pick one up as Xtorm don’t seem to ship here. Looking forward to wandering into a nearby park with mine.


50 000mAh power bank
Thought this would be well suited but my Rhytm wont turn on at all. Tried swapping the polarity of the connection and testing both the battery and the rytm separately, and am stumped as to why it wont work.
Any Ideas ?


I’m going on a trip to Canada soon and I wanted to be able to take my Analog 4 with me on the aircraft and play with it there. The problem is no power so I looked for a way to solve this. I managed to find a battery on Amazon.co.uk that supplied a 12v DC output that the Analog 4 needs to run. I bought it and it arrived today and sure enough it works great - powers the Analog 4 completely. I’ve not tested how long this battery will last but I would hope for more than an hour.

I made a video of it in action if you want to see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAlGxWWYhlE

The battery, if you want to get one yourself is a Poweradd Pilot Pro2 23000mAh Multi-Voltage (9V 12V 16V 19V 20V) Portable Charger External Battery

I can’t wait for the strange looks I’ll get on the aircraft as I start playing around with the Analog 4, thankfully the battery is rated as 85Wh which is less than the 100Wh limit that can be taken on board aircraft.



So this is where the post disappeared to. Wish I’d found this forum a lot sooner - mickeyziggyk’s post above could have saved me a lot of searching :slight_smile:


I just got one of these in the mail the other week: https://www.omnicharge.co/

So far it works swimmingly. Haven’t used it for an extended period of time, but it def. powered the gear on my initial test.


Awesome info @slicetwo I’ve been trying to find something for a while that will power Octatrack on the go. This one looks like it’ll supply the 6V DC. Do you use the barrel output for elektrons or the AC power ? Does the barrel cable come with multiple size connectors/adapters ?


I just use the power cable that comes with the unit and plug it into the three prong of the battery.


I’ve been looking for a portable battery for the OT in the UK for a while, (ideally not an AC version as mentioned above, so I have less to carry around) and have shortlisted these 2 …
If anyone could give me any advice as to whether they’d be ok, that would be appreciated. I know the pilot pro is rated at 9v, but some seem to think this would be OK, the minigorilla has smaller capacity, but is also cheaper and multi voltage …


so, with Xtorm is possible to have an outputs standard 230V AC current.
so, with this system we will have no problem with any instrument.

Isn’t true?
what are the disadvantages?


I’ve just gotten an Omnicharge from indiegogo launch - connected to OT no problem set to output 6v using just a 2.5mm to 2.1mm male-to-male dc cable, so no elektron wallwart adapter needed.
OT on and working - the meter says 10.34 hours power, starting with 100%.

Very nicely produced device, looks just smaller than the square front panel of 3 CD cases stacked ontop of each other.
Can digitally select any voltage you want so will cover me for the analog boxes.
you can also plug in a mains socket to it if you want to use your official elektron cable for some reason (perhaps to use multiple devices off a multiway adapter pulling 110v/240v output instead) and it apparently ‘smartly’ determines how much to feed it for the power draw. 70W is the maximum power draw which would probably be an A4 + RYTM (I think they pull 30W each) or maybe more of the digital boxes at the same time which I’d guess pull less each.


Just bought a Chargetech portable power outlet, will be shipping next week. I’ll test it with the AR, OT & AH and will report back.


I bought this one

Xtorm AL390 Laptop Power Bank 18.000 (Schwarz, 18.000mAh, 220V, AC, USB)

Connected MD and OT to it and had it running for more than 90 minutes before turning it off…
At that time it had about 75% of energy left.

It makes only a little noise and it did not get too warm.

Next time I will connect my iConnect Audio 4+ as well and see if it holds long enough with the ipad and a Korg nanokontrol2 connected to it…

In my case I would be happy to have power for one hour or two. That would be enough