Portable Battery to Power Elektron


I bought this thing here:

There is a plug on the side of the powerbank I can connect the small power connector into.


Let us know if it’s works


Working like a champ with the rytm! Will test AH & OT ASAP

So happy, I had been looking for a way to battery power my AR for a long time now… For some weird reason, most of the better portable batteries (that can output something besides USB 5V) do not ship to Finland?

EDIT: OT and AH also seem to work. The AH display looked a lil funny at the edges but I am guessing this is just because I haven’t turned it on for a few weeks… As it sounded and operated normally otherwise. No idea on actual battery life during use yet, just got the first charge into this thing.


Oh damn, this looks a bit better tham the Xtrom i just ordered a week ago :frowning: and probably the same price range after taxes etc


The price was 169$, so not exactly cheap. Unfortunately, shipping to Finland cost almost 70$!! But I was desperate so just went with it. Hoping the battery will last many charge cycles before starting to lose capacity…


Did you have to pay customs duty? Without it, it might still be around the same price as this one I ordered with less capacity.


Yeah, I had to pay customs, but haven’t got the bill from FedEx yet (they offered to handle customs fees for me).

Capacity is stated as 27k mAh, powers up to 95 watts


Okay, then it will exceed the 200 euros i paid in total. So i can pretend to be “happy” with my smaller capacity power. :smiley: Can’t wait to take over the parks and other public places with it!


i’m going with this one …

RAVPower Chargeur Portable 27000mAh


I think it’s better to let the original PSU to make the power conversion… as i don’t know if i will get at the end the exact PLUG to match the RYTM on 12V 2A

Otherwise i was tempted by this huge 50000mah



This one is crazy 120000mAh but too expensive


Still don’t get why some of the 50.000 were reported here not working with Rytm. The specs seemed to be ok to me.


Beware of getting too big of a battery capacity-wise. There are rules about airline cabins.

Also you want to make sure your manufacturer is rock solid on quality and safety circuitry - given the recent mobile phone exploding battery debacle.

Rapid charging high capacity batteries get pretty hot.


Think Im gonna buy this one.


Was actually thinking about that, do you know what some rules are? Cause id like to have a little jam in the air.


Yeh, my ChargeTech manual states that operating temperatures of ~60C can occur - pretty hot


According to omnicharge https://omnicharge.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000619007-Can-I-carry-my-Omnicharge-with-me-on-the-plane-

Omnicharge also has temperature regulation and an internal fan that activates if things are getting too toasty. This can happen if you are feeding it a big charge and utilising rapid charging of a device.


Ok thanks, have to check my exact model and see if its fine!


Has anyone tried to daisy chain off the DC output of the battery to run an AR and A4 at the same time?


Ive sen photos of people doing this with the xtorm powerbank so yes its probably OK.