Polyrhythmic loop on digitakt sequencer?


Hi everybody,

I am new here and to Elektron sequencing, please excuse my innocence and this long post.

I have trouble setting up a polyrhythmic pattern as it wrongly loops at the end:

If a pattern is set to a multiple of a 4/4 bar (64 steps for example), and I choose to make one of the tracks in a different time signature (let’s say a 5 steps long cowbell loop), at the end of the 64th step, the cowbell loop will be at the 4th step.

Everything is fine except at the next step (first one of the pattern) the cowbell loop jumps back to the first step instead of going to the 5th.

This makes a perfect 64 steps long loop but I would prefer to have a phasing beat.

Do you have any idea how to circumvent this except choosing a step length that fits (like 2 or 4)?

Yours truly,


Use LENGTH PER TRACK MODE in the Scale menu (page 32 of the manual) and set M.LEN to “INF”.


Thank you very much Peter and sorry for the dumb question!


For what it’s worth, that did not seem like a dumb question :smiley:


You might not need inf if there is a number that will work with both, 80 work with 16’s and 10’s so 5’s fit too.


That’s fine, but this method won’t allow you to change from one pattern to another, if i’m not wrong…


You‘re probably thinking of chain length. If it‘s set to 16 or something, it‘s gonna work :wink:
(Page 32)


Indeed! I was mixing up this two concepts… and definitely it works!! Thank You so much!!


It works!