PolyPhase - Generative Sequencer (iOS)


New Beta out, the other one is expired…you should be able to install using the same Link / TestFlight

Edit: I accidentally left the toggle to audition synth sounds under the load menu, but it’s not implemented yet :expressionless:


I haven’t had any issues.

Only suggestion would be to add up/down swipe to change values by 10 ?
It’s quite relaxing.


Change which values by 10?


Velocity , rst, rpt… the ones out of 100
Smaller values , like length are fine , maybe do those by two ?

Basically fine values / fat value type of thing.


Yeah I understand. I will increase the sensitivity of those values that have larger ranges.
It’s hard to find a balance between having everything accessible at once and dealing with a small UI.


I just got a Digitone and I noticed that it will get hung notes under certain conditions (If multiple Tracks share the same MIDI channel). I think this has to do with how the Digitone handles voice allocation and note-offs (this doesn’t happen to my Prophet12 or soft synths)…I’ll fix this for the next beta :crossed_fingers:


Where is the option to select an interface/channel? In the “single gear” menu, the only midi option I see is to enable the send of repeated notes.

I tried to connect my Digitone through my camera kit (like I do with Collider and the Rytm) but it doesn’t work. I have the DN set to receive midi through usb, but don’t see any option to select it within the app.

Do I need a more robust midi interface, or am I missing something? Thanks in advance!


Upper-left WIFI icon


Thanks! The only icon I didn’t click…



  • different midi out for different sequence (master slave 1, 2 ,3 ) not only channel
  • freeze per sequence
  • morphing for 1-2-3 selected slave sequence


I shared this on the Audiobus forum after playing around with it a bit. This is a nice approach, and I think you will get some great feedback from the people on that forum if your aren’t already a member. They are a great group.


Any idea of when this will officially land for purchase @mekohler? Before Xmas maybe?
Looking forward to using it…

  1. Yes, I think that’s essential! It won’t be in the first release though.
  2. If you shut the Master Track OFF it will freeze ALL sequences, but you can also shut off individual Slave Tracks, which means they won’t receive notes from the Master and will be frozen
  3. Not sure I follow. If you don’t want the bottom functions to affect a Track, click the LOCK icon on that track.


Yeah, sometime in December! The Beta will be available and free until it’s released.

The only outstanding issue I want to address is possible hanging MIDI notes when Tracks share the same channel. It’s not an issue for most synths, but the Digitone will hang a note if it receives something like: C1_ON, C1_ON, C1_OFF, C1_OFF…it doesn’t like to receive two of the same note on’s in a row, and there is nothing you can do to stop the hanging notes besides double-stopping on the hardware :frowning: … IMO it’s a DT OS issue, but I think I can prevent it from happening.


Excellent! I look forward to it immensely! Can see the bottom row of the Rytm getting abused over Xmas!

All the luck to you with your apps!
Thanks for reply too :+1:t3::heart:

  1. great

  2. you’re right, I’m a dumb…

  3. I mean morphing for master and slave 1 or master and slave 2 or master and slave 1 slave 2

  4. this is a biggest one AUV3

  1. Not sure, the UI is already cramped…for now you would have to LOCK certain tracks and then apply the functions. I will explore some ways to make room for more bottom buttons, as I think there could be other useful functions, such as your suggestion. I could try making the Transpose slider smaller so there is room for the gear / headphone icons up above…This would make room for another column of bottom functions :thinking:

  2. I was afraid people would ask for Audiobus support :cold_sweat: …I have no experience with it so I’m not sure how much work that would be. The included synth was meant to be used when you have no hardware available, as I didn’t think people would want to actually use it in production. I do plan on exploring this, but it will have to come later!

  1. audiobus? no, audio unit

with auv3 implementation we’ll be able to launch more instances in AUM and point 1 will be useless


My bad, I know what Audio Units are. My answer remains the same :nerd_face:! I need to read up on how to create / integrate both of them. Selectable interfaces for each Track will definitely come first and probably be in the first update after release. This is my first Audio app so I’m still learning on how to integrate it with the things people expect from other big companies.


For what it’s worth, in my experience with using/building generative/performance midi stuff feeding into Electron gear… It really doesn’t play nice. I gave up trying to use my AK/A4 with any external midi generation. ALWAYS got stuck notes. weird ones to that even Elektron support couldn’t help with… I’d be surprised if DT is any different…