Polyend Tracker Mini

The only reviews I watch are from @blushresponse


The usb multi out to an iPad with the Roland S1 as a master keyboard gives me sleepless nights…:thinking:

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Got mine. I think I like it. Need a few more days with it.


What, I had no idea it has multichannel USB audio! Are you sure this works with iPad? (others like Roland and Elektron need special drivers/software for this feature, so computer only)

Yes, there is a discussion about this on Polyend’s Backstage.

I was very happy to discover that for Linux users it’s just plug and play: the PC automatically recognizes a stereo channel for each track plus the stereo master. No tweaking, no script, not anything. Pure USB class-compliance.


Hey yeah it’s a multichannel monster!
My brother just got his today so sent me this picture to prove it :sweat_smile:

I added the screen grab from the manual for clarity and to underline again just how comprehensive it is :star_struck::exploding_head:
Now I ‘need’ one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just started making my first track on it. It’s very intuitive in my opinion. I think they’ve done a pretty good job of catering for the lack of a jog wheel. The size is absolutely perfect.

Feels slightly plasticky and the power button isn’t as solid as on the original but kind of expected things like this. Battery seems to hold up well too.

I can safely say that the portability of the Mini more than makes it worth it over the original (for me at least).


Good to hear you’re finding it a pleasant experience. Can you comment on how it feels in the hand? I am quite curious about how much one has to adjust the device in the hand to reach certain buttons. It seems as if you would have to shift it around a bit? Is this wrong?

How are you finding the AUDIO OUT port in the bottom? Is it bothering you?

Nice to see some feedback on the device - at last :slight_smile:

Feels fine in the hand. I picked up the various buttons quickly and don’t have to shift my hands much. The UI is very intuitive.


Class compliant multichannel audio over USB is major, but looks like there’s no line-in input channel. I really hope they are reserving that last pair for this, because that would make it incredible companion for iOS. I’ve almost decided to get SP-404 MKII to pair with iPad as audio/midi interface/sampler/sequencer, but now I’ll wait to see what happens with this one.

Btw., is it maybe possible to route line-in to one of the sequencer channels, MC-707 style?

44.1k only, I almost exclusively work in 48k but it’s easy enough to convert. In my testing, it requires a higher buffer than I’d normally use with my interface which is usually set for 64 samples. I just tracked out a 1:30 composition in Live and needed 256 sample buffer to record all 8 tracks with both fx without a glitch. It’s pretty handy though and I’ll take it as-is vs stereo only or no usb audio for that matter.

I still can’t get over the midi in/out and line in/out being on the bottom. That has to be one of the worst design choices I have seen in a piece of music gear in a very long time. If you have it on a desk, the cables are now hanging out the bottom and getting in the way of your wrists, other gear, and making things just way more cluttered. If you are holding it, you now have 4 cables hanging from the bottom getting in the way. Even if it’s not a big deal for some, I have to just ask why in the world did they think this was a good idea?


If firmware 1.7 hits like they say it will then I will likely rebuy the big Tracker. But this mini one having all the connections on the bottom seems like a questionable choice. If I’m putting it nicely :0)

Is anybody finding that stuff gets in the way? At home, do you use it with a stand?

I think it’s better to have cables hanging at the bottom when used handheld, which is the intended use of the Mini, since they will naturally fall down, instead of first going up at the top and then curve & fall down to interfere with you holding and operating the device. I don’t think controls will be optimal for desktop use, that’s what OG tracker is for, but still, you could use curved jacks and then cables will go sideways.


Handheld is the way to go, as such it’s a perfect location for the headphone jack.
But right now it’s sitting on top of a decksaver in from of my computer, the out jack is also just fine sitting flat.


and how are you guys liking the performance mode workflow on the mini?

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Good question! Performance mode is a rare thing of beauty on the OG PT.

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Don’t have a mini but I can tell you the SP-404 having the headphone jack on the bottom is brutal! At least for me!


Mini performance mode is easy to use and has many options for instant gratification.

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i’ve used it for quite a couple hours at this point. Since it’s so light i never felt like i had to put it down, even when laying on the couch. So no, suprisingly the connections on the bottom aren’t as bothersome as one may imagine :laughing:.

I was also part of the camp “but why on the bottom!?” btw :smirk: