Polyend Play

Here is the video released today of the Tracker demo Isobutane did for Polyend as a part of this session. No mystery product in this video of course. But remember the two Trackers stacked in the back of the leaked photo.


According to this vid(around the 3 minute mark) they’ll (hopefully) show this off at the next SuperBooth in May, but it depends on how the chip shortage goes https://youtu.be/lrTGhbAJSpY

…all tomorrows parties…

and u gear junkie guys are ALL really into spy movies and deep learning research mission impossible, are’nt u… :wink:

not into bragging at all…but u deserve me to brag a little…it’s too tempting…here…so forgive me…if i say…

cenk saw it…i saw it…and not too many more saw it too…
we also heard it…aaaand we even know it’s name…
and nope…that’s all i’m sayin…i’m over and out… :wink:


You bastard! Spill the beans! :joy:



I, too, got a look at it in action last month. Do we need to come up with a secret handshake or sigil or something? :thinking:


At least give us the bare essentials. Synth or sampler, for instance? Please! :point_right::point_left:

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It’s obviously a digital accordion.


It’s got a grid. I think. And some knobs. I am almost certain of it. But you didn’t hear that from me. :shushing_face:


It was shared with everyone on here except for you … we’ve been told to tease you for the next few months.

I hear it’s plastic with that rubberised covering on it that comes off to reveal an artist image of neon ‘Craig avatars’ on it



Maybe it’s a Synthler? or a sampth? This just got a bit more intriguing.


Someday we’ll all be older and wiser, and we’ll look back on this thread and that leaked photo and say, “Oh hey, there’s the (name of new Polyend product).”

I know that’s not very helpful but it’s true. Maybe. Unconfirmed at this point.

Mini Medusa ?

I’ve been trying to search the on-line Polish Trademark Office for a few days the way i searched the Swedish one, for some other product that will not be named here. But I’ve been having various technical problems, plus i’m really having difficulty with the Polish language. It took me a while to tackle that Swedish trademark. Would anyone care to have a go at this ? You may turn up nothing.

See if you can find the “Polyend” trademark first, and then search by that trademark holder for other trademarks. This is likely the most recent one, but maybe no trademark has yet been registered. Not certain if it is at the Polish office, or somewhere else.

You know with the number of people who got an inside look i am thinking they won’t all keep the secret. It would not surprise me to see other leaks in the coming weeks. I am almost positive this photo leaked without approval.


Gotta say, the Polish Trademark Office site also has me stumped. I can’t even find a single reference to Polyend at all. Not sure if maybe their stuff is registered under a different name or a DBA situation but so far I’ve had no luck.

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Syntakt? :crazy_face:


So if it is a groovebox/drum machine type device, do you think it will still have a tracker type sequencer? or back to steps

looks like steps to me. deluge kinda vibe.

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I can’t explain it, but something about this word sounds perverse