Pocket Operator and Octatrack

Hey there, I couldn’t find any solutions for this online.

I’ve wanted to plug in my PO-Tonic and Speak to Sample for some tracks, but each time I do it the audio has to significantly boosted. I’ve tried either boosting the AMP or utilizing a compressor, and I’ve wondered if anyone else had any advice to get a clean signal from the Pocket Operators.

I recorded PO33, I don’t remember if it was very low.

Max level on POs ?
Max GAIN (Mixer)? (+63=+12db)
Max AMP VOL ? (+63=+12db)
You can also set GAIN in Audio Editor > Attributes (+24db max), NORMALIZE, ADD +3db…

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Probably obvious So apologies if so. Almost every time you plug the POs into a new source the volume needs to be adjusted accordingly. Hold the metronome and hit the sequencer buttons to turn up and down.