Plays Free ONE2 mode does not follow manual description

Having a great time diving back into the OT mkii.

But confusion reigns on this matter. From the manual (p. 75):

"PLAYS FREE controls the behavior of the tracks. When activated the chosen track will be disconnected
from the sequencer. When [PLAY] is pressed the track will not start playing. To start the playback
of for example audio track 1, it needs to be trigged manually by pressing the [TRIG 1] key. To trig MIDI track 1, press [TRIG] key 9 while in MIDI mode. Disconnected tracks will be stopped when [STOP] is pressed. Read more about track trigging in the section “TRACK” on page 81."

Also from the manual…

“ONE2 will make the track start playing once the [TRIG] key initiating trigging of the track is
pressed. The playback of the track can be stopped either by pressing the key again or by pressing [STOP]. Please note that pressing stop will also stop the sequencer.”

In my case, I am finding that the first paragraph rings true. I cannot stop a disconnected track by pressing its trig key again. Is this normal behavior? The two paragraphs seem to contradict each other on the stop behavior of disconnected tracks when Trig mode = ONE2.
I am in fact finding that ONE2 restarts the track also (as ‘ONE’ mode is intended for).

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