Play only a page or group of steps in a Digitone pattern?

Is it possible to isolate a group of steps in a pattern for editing and playback? for instance, if I have a 32 step pattern, can I set it to only play back steps 17-32 while I work on them?


Though you could move them to the beginning of the pattern and then change length of pattern , work on that , then change length back and move notes back along to their original position.

Something like func + left / right to move triggers which in rec mode I think.

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Or maybe use page copy , copy 2nd page , create new 16 step empty pattern
Paste the page
Work on it
Copy page
Go to long pattern
Go to 2nd page
Paste page

I think you hold page + copy/ paste to do whatever.

Basically , you can only set end step and not start step I think.


OK, Thanks for the info. Seems like it would be useful - I get tired of waiting for other pages to play back to hear results of a tweak to later page.

If you have a track with a 4 page sequence (64 steps) is it possible to shorten the loop so it only plays back say page 2 (steps 17-32) or 3 instead of always playing page 1?

Like a loop start offset? Page offset? Page loop?