Pitch only based time stretching?


Could someone give an example, I don’t understand what you mean.
And what sampler has this function.


Ahem, nothing like repitch on the OT? Bummed to hear this tbh


Hey Fisto, I think you can have fine tune BPM increments modulating PTCH with an LFO + custom wave (full positive). If you set all the nodes to 32 for example, in theory each point of depth amt will rise 0.5 BPM for a 123 BPM loop.


you’re right, thanks for the info. the only drawback here is maybe that you don’t have such a nice “value-readout” like with the normal pitch (maybe the lfo depth would be the new read-out). So more guessing would be involved i think. But will try that also.
In a real world scenario I find that the artefacts are starting to become audible only when you change the tempo more than 2 bpm. 1 bpm is ok for the most part.
But with your static LFO +/-1bpm change would be +/-0.1 pitch-change. Very precise indeed :slight_smile:


Value read outs can be both PTCH and DEPx, PTCH as macro and DEPx as micro. :slight_smile:
I’m not sure about 0.1 BPM, I tested 0.5 BPM (+32 on the static’s nodes) increments by ear and it works, for 0.1 I can test with instruments (sine wave and oscilloscope) if you want.


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