Pitch only based time stretching?


Elektron’s new gear is like women, you should love them, and don’t try to fully understand them.


i’m astonished it doesn’t do this, i’d like it to be flexible in this regard to minimise the use of stretching algorithms - it’s the easiest thing to do ! - perhaps there’s a good reason +1 although i don’t own the OT just yet ! vsoon


I have written a maxforlive solution to our problem.

I’m looking for testers before I post it to the maxforlive device library.
You need: octatrack, midi interface, maxforlive.

Message me.


Writing the instructions now. For all you who “signed up” so far, it should be ready by 1700 CET.


First round mailed out now.


Come on Elektron! Been waiting for this simple feature since the OT was released :smiley:


I agree, Molotov! Please elektron!


I have a iOS based solution, but it’s a bit cumbersome, as it requires a midi interface.

So i’ve gone down another road recently. My solution for when i’m “djing” with the OT, has recently become to bounce my tracks for the OT at 120bpm. This results in the pitch parameter corresponding to tempo like this:

0 = 120 bpm

  • 0.2 semitones = +2 bpm
  • 0.2 semitones = -1 bpm

At least this way i can easily calculate the best sounding pitch (i want the timestretch algorithm to do as little work as possible) in my head when i play at, for example
124 bpm = +0.4 semitones
112bpm = -1.6 semitones

Unfortunately this method only works from a base tempo of 120, as the pitch parameter has 120 (4 to 124) significant steps, whose minimum and maximum value has to correspond to half tempo and double tempo…


If I remember correctly the time stretching in the OT is a algorithm from iZotope. To add Pitch Only it seems Elektron have to pay iZotope to get this function!

If this going to happen I have my doubts, so here’s the downside on free OS updates…


@noiselab. Except nobody needs izotope for repitching! The math fits on one line.


True, indeed, the maths fits on one line along with extensive comments, it’s more likely a design choice #OTlim


where did you get this info from?


how did you emailed them?
SupportTicket or normal mail?

I’'l prepare mine


Still waiting, still dreaming…



odd that the OT can’t do this.
got it 3 days ago, had a pretty great experience so far (not nearly as confusing/hard to get into as people make it seem) but the fact that automatic repitching of samples to the bpm without any timestretching isn’t possible is… annoying.

seems like a weird oversight imo, and should be fairly easy to implement but with overbridge and 3 newer machines around this is probably not gonna happen anytime soon.


Hey Elektron, it’s nearly 2016 :wink:

I actually think a lot of the qualms people have over the OT sound quality is partly down to everything being time stretched and this very small little feature would actually make for a better sounding sampler! (hint hint)

Pleeeeeeeeease x


if i was gonna buy something again, if i had the choice between OT and AR, i would choose the AR, but if the OT had pitch-change to tempo-match option, thereby avoiding the granulated algorithm, it would be a tougher choice.


Let’s unite forces until this repitch-time-thing is a reality. It is really a basic feature and a sampler just has to have it.


re-bump for the re-pitch!


Here is an easy solution until Elektron includes Pitch-based timestretching:
Just tune the pitch of the track up 0.1 for 1bpm tempo-change. (unfortunetely you can only inc/dec 0.2 values)

So: if I have a track with 123 bpm and I’m playing it in 125 bpm, I just set the pitch to +0.2 and the artefacts go away. Same goes for downward. (Timestretching is set to Normal-mode for whole tracks)

Really helps with getting rid of artefacts when timestretching whole mixes or more complex material.
I use this for DJ-ing and this way I now have something like “vinyl-pitching”. It’s just not automatic, but helps a lot regarding soundquality. The Octatrack takes care of the tempo, I take care of artefacts/pitch.

Try it out, I was very happy when I discovered that I can tempo-up tracks to +6 bpm or more, and then just change the pitch, and voila, the track sounds normal (just higher, like on vinyl).

So +/-0.2 pitch for 2bpm tempo-change.


Man I REALLY want them to update the Octatrack OS so it lets you turn OFF time stretching on the pickup machines. It seems like that would be an easy update to do since every other mode lets you do it. Right?


Yeah it’s as simple as that isn,t
If you have artifacts or glitches pitch down or use the rate, is how I work, use a filter
Work by my ears as I don’t even understand what the pitch time stretch issue even is