Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

I’d say the quality of the effects have some relevance to the value of this Toraiz thing. People still kill to get their hands on the SP303 because of the way it sounds. And one of the stronger cases for the Rytm is what it does to your samples when you put it through the works.

So what this piece of gear does to the tone of your samples, will in the end be most interesting to me. Features be damned, of course you can make great music on this thing. But would you care? I’d say that comes down to the way it sounds.

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certainly looks like they took some cues from elektron as well as others… but yeh Im skeptical too… the Tempest was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread, with Roger Linn (the original creator of the MPC) and Dave Smith at the helm… and we all know what happened there

this looks more like something a DJ would use to incorporate original music into a standard DJ set (of pre-existing tracks), so it could be a whole new concept in that way - but pioneer is unproven in the sampler/sequencer arena, so we’ll see

also, id say its pretty expensive for whats on offer

btw the analog filter is not per track, its just a master effect - and to me thats almost worthless… im not a DJ tho

To be fair the tempest IS an incredible machine. Its just not really a drum machine. Its an analog groovebox really :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m gonna have to second that. The Tempest is pretty damn awesome. I never did mind or notice the bugs that caused that forum storm, but whatever was fixed, most likely made it even better.

This may also be relevant to your interests.

from a thread on Muffs:

Soon to released sampler+synth machine. M
Has SD card for samples and built in FM synth and analog synth engine.
32 voice polyphony step sequencing mono and poly parts.
MIDI out+IN and CV gates.

I’ll start a new thread on this one for discussion.


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oh yeh im with you, i think the tempest is bad ass - but there is no denying it had issues with launch, bugs, missing features, lack of updates, etc.

in fact id say the tempest is probably way better than this toraiz thing

my point is: wait for some reviews

btw this deluge thing looks pretty cool too, i usually prefer more knobs but im definitely interested in it

Friend of mine has full hardware dj equipment by Pioneer, 2 channel mixer with kind of cdj for USB build in it. Although the eq is not what i like (very digital, never been fan of Pioneer mixers, (New 900 nexus mk2 sounds good though) the fx are really nice. Perfect blend with the sound, very Natural and fantastic usability. If this one has similar fx… It can be nice

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After some thought, I’m heading back to the Octatrack in preference over the Toraiz.

This Pioneer thing seems cool, but I don’t need all the outs, I’m sure the fx are great but the Octatrack’s aren’t bad either (and certainly has character), and the flexibility of sound shaping and making a track become something entirely different, is what makes the Octatrack the better option for me.

I need a hardware option for complete productions, where original sound quality and input are of solid enough quality to just require more coolness, not basic shaping. I think the Octatrack offers more here, based of course on my experience with one before.

Pioneer are finally kicking lose with real details. My impressions are quite positive. I feel like it’s what I wanted the Octatrack to be. I loved the OT feature set, but unfortunately found it obtuse to use. That’s just a reflection of my own preferences; I otherwise believe it’s a good sampler.

Lots of tracks and outputs, solid looking sequencer implementation and plenty of tools for managing the samples. Additionally, the resampling/stretching options look ace. What I’d like to know more about is the per-track effects.

So far, the only downside is the price. It’s gonna be well expensive in Australia.

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Oh and… well the analog filter on the master looks like a gimmick to me. Especially given my ambivalence towards Dave Smith’s stuff.

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No polyphonic tracks is the main disappointed for me on the Toraiz. I’d be tempted to grab one to pair with my OT if it had at least 1 x 4-voice polyphonic track per bank/scene or whatever pioneer have termed stuff. Maybe they could add a function for Dynamic Polyphony? It has 16 voices so being able to sacrifice a few tracks in return for Polyphony now and again would be pretty great little OS feature… I have a feeling that any kind of feature request emails etc will probably just get lost/ignored tho, pioneer a pretty big company…

I could certainly use the multiple outs myself. That plus the velocity pads make me intrigued by the Toraiz. Though, I severely doubt the Pioneer has the sound sculpting capabilities the the OT has. Yet to be seen

However, it does feel like Pioneer decided to take on the OT with this offering. I only hope that Elektron does a little bit of work and make a MKII(I know, I know not gonna happen) and kick Pioneer out of the water.

I’m on hold for the moment, trying to make best use of my SP303 instead (what a lovely thing it does with samples), but if this thing did the following, I’d give it a trial spin:

  • Play samples to which there was no end - one sample, minutes and minutes long - like the Octatrack’s static machine - like a full backing track instrument, as it were

  • Resampling - after I’ve created my loops of legendary awesome, let me resample the lot for further overall manipulation or transfer to other instruments for further opportunity

  • Parameter locks or motion recordning - it’s not an Elektron unique thing, after all. Korg’s stuff does it (and has been since the Electribes), the Circuit does it, lots of other instruments does it. But does the Toraiz?

  • An easter egg which unlocks an image of Dave Smith, wearing a German swimming suit (green or purple, I don’t care) while giving us his best barbershop advise for grooming facial hair. I can follow his tutorials by stroking his moustache using the touch screen interface and applying these skills on my own modest attempts at moustasching.

I’ve done some browsing but found nothing that says the Toraiz can or can’t do this. They’ve been especially coy about sampling. Perhaps it can’t sample, they’re only saying it can, crossing their fingers no one will really notice.


monophonic is not the same as mono … !!

Per their sequencer tutorial, it can do parameter locks. I don’t know about the other stuff

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Saw a video where the guy was doing standard p-lock stuff. Unsure exactly how deep the options are though.

Think I saw someone mention resampling in a video and vaguely remember reading it in manual.

Would guess it can stream long sample/backing track no probs (aimed at DJ crowd…)

Sadly the Dave Smith Easter egg image only made it to prototypes…

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Ok, thanks. Didn’t pick that up, but that sounds great.

Very cool, thanks. P-locks for me don’t have to be endless like Elektron’s stuff, but I’d expect something along the lines of at least the Circuit (a bunch of parameters of your choice, though a reasonable limit). I think it’ll come down to the way they look at the users for this instrument. P-locks are a very typical composing / structural feature for me, where you want control over complex shifts in the sound without having to resort to laser ninja skills in playing the instrument live. But for the super DJ, that’s one of their traits, so we’ll see.

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The wait is over, I ordered a second OT for myself instead :slight_smile: