Ping Pong Delay stopped working

My MD has been packed away for some time. Today I took it out and played a few patterns and notice that the ping pong delay is not working as it should. At least , that is if my memory of how it used to work is correct.

So…on the MD, if I have a source panned centre and the delay set up for ping pong ( mono knob at 0), should I hear the ping pong effect ? Or will I only start to hear it if I pan the source off centre ? If the latter, everything is working as expected (although odd). If the former then something’s up…,

This is monitoring the headphone output. I can’t check to see whether it’s the same for the main

All other voice panning works fine and I can get the delay to pan centre or follow the stereo position of the source . But with the Mono knob at 0 , which should result in a ping pong delay, the delayed signal remains locked at centre.

Anyone else experienced this ? If so was it something one of the resets cleared ?

Latest OS 1.63


it only pings off the sources pan position then pongs to the opposite

so if sources centre pan 0 then it comes back 0


Great. Thanks for that… all good then.

Tennis delay is wider. :thup: