Picture of Roland system-1m in spaceship

Hi Nauts

A while back someone posted a picture of Roland system-1m used as control panel in a
sci-fi series/movie. Don’t know if it was real or not but it was hilarious.

Anyway I’ve been going crazy trying to locate the picture for days after talking about it with a friend but I can’t remember which tread it was posted in.

Hope someone can help lol



Hehe That’s great:) But it was actually not the picture I was thinking of. Seems it’s pretty popular hehe

Oh, by the way:

I since discovered a new “cameo” in another (crappy) movie:

The TURTLES seem to be fans of MANLEY high-end studio gear… here they are using a Manley Massive Passive (5000$ mastering EQ) as their “van stereo”… ^^

looks like another set designer wanted to take something home to his private studioe when the shoot was done… :wink:


Apparently I made that discovery a few months after somebody else, there is a reddit post about the topic somewhere made by another guy / with different images.

maybe that´s where you saw it?

I think I think it was on Electronauts. For a while I was sure it was from the lost in space remake but i’m probably mistaking. Love the Manley turtles cameo. Thanks for sharing. Don’t really know why but I just love seing these things

this trailer seems on point for this thread/group.
Or, is someone controlling my mind to make me think this?