Pickup playing back half speed

Hey guys, OT BPM is clocked externally to sync the OT sequencer with Ableton via a Nektar Pacer that controls Ableton and the OT Pickup Machines. The QPL setting in Recording Setup is set to PLEN - this is the only way that I can figure out to sample in time using the Pacer and it’s here that the sample plays back at half speed. If I use QREC Pacer will not initiate sampling. Suggestions?

Hi, there’s not enough information in your post. Pacer, OK, but what does it send? Which midi messages? What order? Who’s the master clock? What settings on the OT? “Pacer will not initiate sampling” doesn’t mean much to me…

Hey pinupboy, your reply doesn’t mean that much to me either!

Then by all means, feel free to send in a support ticket.

It’s true though, I skipped your question because there’s not enough relevant info to make sense of it, and what is there doesn’t really help us to help you. It’s nothing to take personally it’s just how it is, we need more specific steps and info. Sezare “may” have intuited your issue but probably just based on the half tempo fact alone…

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