Piano patch

hello guys. im having lots of trouble making piano sounds with the digitone. does anyone have any starting points or patch notes to make piano sounds? im not looking for anything like a grand piano. i just want to make a sound that doesnt feel like a “bell” if you get what i mean. thank you in advance. im fairly new to fm synth but i really enjoy the way the digitone sounds except when im trying to make a piano.

Are there any e. piano presets you can reverse engineer?

This guy gets a decent sound by about five minutes


Hello everyone,
is there any way to load the sound of a classical piano (grand piano) into Digitone synth?
thank you for your advice :wink:

No. It’s a synthesizer, not a sampler.

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You’d want a Digi takt for that :wink:

The Digitone does not include sampling, it is a FM based synth.

I made something like a piano. My advice would be to start with the amp envelope. A modified pluck envelope would be a good place to start. If you don’t have that right, you’re never going to get there.

The sound on sound synth secrets series goes into some depth on doing it on an analog synth, and FM gives you more tools to work with. The tone scaling options will help as well because the upper keys sound a lot different from the lower ones on a piano.


I too love me some e piano sounds. This video helped me understand a bit better, note the dx7 has more carrier waves but you get an idea of the parts of an e piano sound.

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Any sound examples very welcome, especially for a nice DX7-style E. piano…

hey man, thank you for the video tutorial. that video actually helped me alot with what i am trying to do. it definitely opened quite a few doors for me. thanks!